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my nicks not working

02 March 2013 - 10:16 PM

hi i have a nick called d1mensi0n ive had it for many years when i used to play old school i downloaded the map add ons and my nick doesnt work 

lemonz told me 2 post this i soke 2 him on msn

27 November 2007 - 06:25 PM

To all ra2 players,

Hello this is Lewis aka LeMoNz i just want to say i am sorry for what i have done in the recent months!

and if i have cheated or disconnected in your game i am very sorry for this...

i want to say i big sorry to arron for using map hack in our ffg heck game i am very sorry for this man and i hope you will forgive me for this.

so why did i start using map hack and when...

i started using a maphack in march 2007 i was told about them by a player called kelvin outherwize know as zstrmznub and then after 3 weeks of playing with him he decided he trusted me enough and sent me it threw msn.

as soon as i got it i never new the consiquences was so harsh if i used it so i used it for about 3 months untill arron caught me map hacking in a heck ffg after that i decided i wanted to stop map hacking and become a fair player not realising how hard this would be.

then i met a player called s0undjan i played with him for ages and eventually i stopped mapping and went on to just using the radar revealer.

·$1Lewis×·$0 says:

but then 2 weeks after just using the radar reveal my game started to recon all the time and i had about 10 cheat reports on me i lied and lied to try and get myself out off it and i failded and was banned.

since that i have been playing completeley fair maby the odd engi when someone mass drones me or tryes to engi me.

recently i have played quite a lot off games with niek in cm which were all ggz and i have also played alot vs juho.. these two members have convinced me without even noing to definatly never map hack again!

i would also like to say sorry to SkeMz for lieng about who i am and Mike aka Mikoz :wub: plz accept my appologie

Thank you & sorry



21 November 2007 - 11:11 PM

how do i lknow wat my risks lvel is on st for spamming flamming plzz can u ellme my level

prove of leomz ban dodgeing

20 November 2007 - 11:20 PM

:rolleyes: hi i have prove that ggtoyemum is leomz also known as quick2win hes playing on other serial when he has perm ban he replys ever time i call him him lemonz :laugh:

qu1ck2win mapping

18 November 2007 - 12:57 AM

hi i was in a 2v2 game and lewis came in also known as lemonz he was qu1ck2win we played him and i know he maps coz when i played with him in a 2v2 he built in shroud so i put xgs on and i wnat u 2 look at this and he is also got perm ban playing on different serial