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In Topic: eatme ??? maybe: longdong ? cimstone? nutcracker

13 May 2007 - 12:08 PM

[attachment=104594:attachment][attachment=104595:attachment]now hes playin bil8one again ... i mean comeon hes playin like the same 4 people

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yeah well here on st THEY DONT CARE ABOUT **** BUT RA2......THIS SITE IS THE BIGGEST LOSER RAN SITE I HAVE EVER SEEN,,,,THE BIL,DODCARLO,,,ALLL OF THEM ARENT WORTH A DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean look at what the ts cheat reports have came to!!!!!!!SPAMM EVERY WHERE U LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!O YEAH and ur not suppose to be able to play the same map that many times and it count,,,i mean WTF?


11 May 2007 - 01:48 PM

and the only form of proof to convoct someone is a screenshot. which can be easily faked by the creator of this topic


most the time u need a lot more than just a ss....u need sync/mpstats,,,,,,the DPL,,,and the ladder stats


11 May 2007 - 01:46 PM

[quote name='seabizcut' date='May 11 2007, 05:33 AM']
hard to report cheaters for a game you can playu a cheat map for tourny on



well dont be dumb then!!!!!!(PLAY MODDED MAPS AT UR OWN RISK)UR tring to make it seem like they put a gun to ue head and said "PLAY THIS MODD MAP"

In Topic: recon 2v2 clanner vs huntmen and c0rpsmakr?

09 May 2007 - 08:04 PM

well if it was as laggy as u say then he prob.. didnt recon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Topic: i need help for ts how to win ppl i am a noob :(

06 May 2007 - 06:17 PM

hey ill help u become elite man in bout a week u be pro, ive been playing ts all my life so im right guy add me on msn mafiaguyanditalianguy@hotmail.com my log in names r silver23, mafiabld, xspjritx tell me wat maps u want training with and ill make u elite :D

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lol so ur like 11 right lol jk,,,and for every one else alex is a gd player,,,,,played him many times,,he played fair and good....all the peeps u see saing all this,,,if u look there main cnc game is RA2 so they prob.. dont even know what there talkin about....and if he wants to help the dude then so be it...