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In Topic: My B/O for tourny B.

19 February 2005 - 02:29 AM

I agree with Rancor.. those bo wont work vs good/experienced players.. but you could use some part of the bo's..

Also Chris came up with something nice when he said this:

Barax - 3/4 dogs, 3 engi's. If you want to be the fastest scouter and anti scouter.. before your dogs come out.. make sure you got them going to a set rally point.. don't let him come out and control them...
warfac - Drone (Really try and get a tank with the drone.. if they gaurding with pillbox... go for miner.. but prefer to get tank) Miner, straight tanks
(now this is your choice to what to do.. either naval then power.. or power then naval.. i prefer going power cause i still build tanks fast and if i see them doing same naval strat.. let them waste cash on dreadnaught while you buy a squid.)

Let him waste cash on dread and kill it with squids ^^ that should give you an good advantage, and a good upportunity for you to rape with your dread. But DON'T take out ref first, mcv then warfac..that could ruin your chance with the dread. First take out warf, then bax and then you could take the ref.. cause if you attack in the other way around you give your opponent his chance of getting flaktrack, flak canon, flak trooper etc..so take warf and bax as primary goal with your dread. Also i surprise my opponent a lil..couse most of the times they think im going after buildings..so if i notice my opponent having a army as big as mine or bigger, i simply attack his tanks/men after i've taken his warf and bax out.

In Topic: bo for cs with korea?

17 February 2005 - 02:52 AM

And what maps r good for USA?

Sahara Mirage !! (You could really slap with usa if you have great control n experience)

Dust Bawl


May day


DC uprising ("depends")


paris revisited

Snow Valley

And more..

In Topic: bo for cs with korea?

17 February 2005 - 02:42 AM

Korea is good on:

Snow Valley,
Sovereign land,
Eldorado, (Could work great here)
Let there be fight, (i loved korea on this qm map)
May day, (Could work very nice here as well if you are experienced with korea)
Pinch point,
Cold war,
Four corners, (works great here if you have good control with korea)
Lake Blitzen!,
Tanyas training ground, (Could work fine here..could benefit you if u know korea well)
Sedona pass/monument valley!

And i never really used Korea on Heartland..tho i've seen Dk playing great on this map with korea..

In Topic: Need help for Top bo on lbl

16 February 2005 - 05:22 AM

To tell you the truth.. i remember having a game vs Rancor on lbl...it was 2002 may i think and i was top he was bottom, and this is not ****.

I used to have a top lbl bo very similar to sixshot's..and i used that one n mean while Rancor was doing the one he mentioned.. He did 1 miner out of warf like i did and then i discovered something very &%#!...he had his naval done in around 5 min or so..and i didnt have chance to strike him back..he had squid rdy and i didnt have the cash to build a dred + squid + anti air...so i was screwed and he won the game.. i wont forget that game couse it came as a really big surprise..couse i never seen Rancor that fast (and i had alreayd beaten him 3 times that month)...but i underrated him and after that day i found out never to underrate my opponents..also i found out that Rancor was a greta player afterall :p

In Topic: ss for exporters

13 February 2005 - 08:02 PM

lol both maps :rolleyes: