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21 November 2018 - 04:39 PM

Xwis is more active than CNC in QM, the last qm match on CNC is 99 minutes ago according to the stats page
The people that play on CnCnet are playing the same players anyways in private FFG games, Xwis is still good activity if you want to do 1-3 series depends on the timezone




As of this post, Ra2 XWIS has a total of 101 users in QM ladder, CNCNet Ladder has 272.


Ra2 QM has 3 players above 100 games played according to stats. The next are few are not even close at 67.

CNCNet QM has 2 guys, just glancing at the ladder, over 230 games played, and multiple others with over 100 games played. (edit: They have 8 over the 100 makr, and most notably, one guy with 380 games)


The "Last QM played" is a very decieving stat that you mentioned, however, I'd argue also favors CNCNet QM greatly. Ever tried getting a QM on ra2 xwis during the off times? My bet is that there could be 6++ hours that go by without a QM played there. 


While points are not a 1:1 ratio, the clear rank 1 winner is on CNCNet QM with 1611 points in 88 games played while ra2 has a rank 1 of 51 games played and 613 points.


I'm not sure how one could make a sensible argument for activity that is pro-XWIS. It's just not possible. 

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14 November 2018 - 04:24 PM

+1 to merge! 

In Topic: Ra2 is dead on xwis ,time to do something ?

15 September 2018 - 01:46 AM

Maybe Olaf just doesn't want to lose the control he has over XWIS/RA2s server? - It'd be nice to see the server being used through RA2s Internet function again instead of the players and games being on some IRC/GameSpy-like client for chatting and joining games. I miss the way we used to be able to chat within the game lobbies and joining/creating games WITHIN RA2 itself. Not some desktop client.


That's nice and all, and I sure miss it too, but that time is long long gone. It just isn't going to happen again. There is no 'control' anymore, there's no one left to control i.e. there's no bargaining power left. No one plays here. 


The only 'nail' that is left for the coffin is a capable version of Red Alert 2 and a Red Alert 2 ladder. I guess it'd be real nice if there was some sort of clan ladder as well. With those two things, we'd get another 2 years of fun games out of CNC Ra2/YR with potential for more. I think those are two areas that if Olaf wanted more work, he'd be able to help, but from all the stories of the past, I don't think his ego would let it fly. But heh, I don't know him. I'd just urge him to go in that direction if he or anyone wanted to help push this beautiful game further. 

In Topic: Ra2 is dead on xwis ,time to do something ?

13 September 2018 - 01:59 PM

Not sure why there can't be a solution. XWIS/Olaf have no bargaining power as no one plays on their server except the 15-20 die hard Ra2 players that play QM/Tourney games against each other and CNCNet only has one main issue (No real Red Alert 2 option/ladder). It should be what XWIS can do to help CNCNet as it relates to making the game even more accessible and mainly getting Red Alert 2 up and running on CNCNet. Olaf would then be able to finally turn off his attention here after some 10++ years of service and direct players to CNCNet. Boom. one big family again. 

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02 December 2017 - 04:50 PM

Mikoz, your signature is getting too big, and by the way -- you need a rank 1 in 2017 buddy :). You got one in '14, '15, '16. Need to keep the trend!