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WARNING on Sunnny aka, Kimbuja, Tauceti, Iamfool, etc.

02 January 2010 - 11:05 PM

BEWARE of sunny

Sunny has sunk to a new low.... yesterday after losing 3-2 to me in qm, he starts miner glitching me on Montana, slowing down my eco and thus costing me the game..... he also used this abuse on blood feud when I rushed him and he still lost......

I was one of the FEW players who gave sunny lots of qms thinking he was fair and didnt maphack, but after what he did yesterday I lost complete trust on this guy.....

Sunnys excuse for glitching me is because I LAMED him with engi..... ROFL..... an op yuri camper complaining that he didnt deserve my LAME and thus would glitch me....

This is a warning to the remaining few fair players, dont give sunny a qm or do so at your own risk, he WILL do whatever it takes to win

the old adage seems true-------------- ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER

ss for symbolic

31 December 2009 - 03:48 PM

didnt think a player like you would bail for the right maps..... your using yuri dude, u already are op

I have never cheated in my life, here is another proof....

Btw does anybody know who symbolic is... is he andy???

forcast - wash[reset]

18 December 2009 - 12:19 AM

Forcast wash me .... here are the stats and ss


CAN RANDOM SW BE REMOVED, Olaf please reconsider

02 January 2009 - 04:56 PM

Hello Moderators,

We have seen over the last 2 months that random sw didnt cause an increase in YR qm activity, instead there has been a marked decrease in qm activity....

I tried to use the yuri faction but everytime I reach the top 10 guys like Swinnish, Joka, xxxprep, velox, etc. bail me claiming they dont play yuri.....

I gave up using sovs after the introduction of random sw cause my tc used to revolve around sw, and also because random sw forces mirror tank battles where I repeatedly got miner glitched by cheating sov players...

Anyways, since Random SW has not increased qm activity, can OLAF please revert back to the original westwood settings of SW on in qm.

I have previously given all the arguments as to why random SW is unfair as if someone revolves their tactics on quik ic only to find it non-existent then the eco is crippled..... sure there will be many who will say that we have to adapt but all it means is mass tanks for mirror battle..... imo the variety in tc was killed with random sw forcing everyone in mirror battles which is abundant in RA2

Please reconsider OLAF

I caught Muslim Cheating

23 December 2007 - 03:40 PM

Mods, ppl, I clearly defeated the player Muslim in qm, as you can see in the ss. As soon as I was about to finish his base, he DC multiple times, and then I GET THE LOSS......??

What sort of cheat is this, I never dc and to prove it, I attached all the ss....

how can I get my points back, and can Muslim be banned for DC....????

rizpwns vs. musiim
Scenario: Heartland
Game Duration: 11:19 minutes
Type: Player tournament
musiim's point change: +23
rizpwns's point change: -23

Match details
musiim Result: Won
Points: 659
Record: 41/14
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 24/30/7
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 2/18/7
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 15/29/5
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/0/0

rizpwns Result: Lost
Points: 513
Record: 26/9
Units Killed/Bought/Left: 18/49/17
Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 1/18/13
Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 8/28/7
Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 0/0/0