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SS for SirAlex

01 March 2017 - 01:00 AM

I figured you'd probably never want to play me again if I don't post this.



Red Alert 2 Unreal Engine

11 November 2016 - 12:36 AM




Is this a bug or unit control cheat?

14 August 2016 - 06:54 PM


Edds Classic Tournament

20 July 2016 - 03:56 AM

What's up guys!

As you guys have experienced lately, it's been pretty dead around here. So, let's spice things up.

I'm thinking about holding a tournament with some special rules attached.

There will be a prize, we'll figure that out later.

As a 2vs2 player, I really want this tournament to be 2vs2 but, I know how hard it is to get 2 players to come on at the same time so, I won't even bother with getting 4 players on at the same time. This will be a 1vs1 tournament.

I'll fill you guys in with the rest of the details later. For now, I'd like to know who is interested in participating. If you have any questions, let me know.

What's up with all the SALT on Ra2 lately?

31 May 2016 - 11:43 PM

It seems that everyone is salty as hell lately. So i'm just going to post what I've gone through today and yesterday. Viva XWIS!




I came on today and my first few games were vs ab66c. On the 2nd game, he engies me and puts sentrys in my base but still loses. 3rd game he loses and starts flaming me and saying that's all the games we play from now on. He continues to flame in lobby.






"u ugly looking like drug junky looking like son of a   american whore! 
"i hope ur family die"
"u son ofa whore"
"u ugly looking fuckface!"
"when i fuck ur daughter edd or ?

 Yesterday, I played FmL in QM and he d.c every map he didn't like then just bails mid series.


13708 Iraq edd L -48 Iraq fml W +48 08:32 Divide Freezes Over 16:56 30-05-2016 57 P
13701 Iraq edd RE Iraq fml RE 34 Alaskan Oil Spill 16:45 30-05-2016 19 S P
13700 Iraq edd RE Iraq fml RE 32 Glowing Waters 16:43 30-05-2016 10 S P
13699 Iraq edd W +19 Iraq fml L -19 04:02 Divide and Conquer 16:42 30-05-2016 57 P
13696 Iraq edd W +22 Iraq fml L -22 03:57 The Hills Have Eyes 16:38 30-05-2016 57 P
13694 Iraq edd RE Iraq fml RE 27 May Day 16:33 30-05-2016 11 S P
13693 Iraq edd W +27 Iraq fml L -27 05:52 Montana DMZ 16:33 30-05-2016 57 P
13690 Iraq edd RE Iraq fml RE 34 Yellowstone 16:26 30-05-2016 15 S P
13689 Iraq edd L -44 Iraq fml W +44 10:20 Country Swing 16:23 30-05-2016 57 P
13683 Iraq edd DC Iraq fml DC 02:12 Lake Blitzen 16:13 30-05-2016 3 P


Today, I ask FmL for games and he ignores me. When Tomi comes on, FmL asks him for games but Tomi wanted to play vs me instead of FmL. Tomi and I agree to go QM and what do you know, I match FmL. We play 1 game and he bails.





Keep this in mind --  Yesterday, Tomi engied my war on depth charge http://xwis.net/ra2/screenshots/8999821/ and I said "??" he told me "it's 2016"


Today, we end up playing and he's complaining about lag for the first few games so I shut off my stream and we continue. The first series ended 5-1 and he only tried to eat an engi once, on paris... luckily I stopped it early. The next series starts and the very first game on Pirate Bay, he blocks my engi from going to airport. The next game on The Alamo, he packs a flak with a drone and engi and heads for my mcv, I stopped it ;)


We couldn't match for the 5th game so he hosts and asks me to pick a map. I suggest Divide Freezes and Desert Island he doesnt know the maps, so we end up doing Montana..


I'm L, he's R. I go for his engi and get it. He starts with "ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE?" and then continues to flame me. Flamed me nonstop. Tomi makes game and puts tourny B (we all know for what) so yeah, he tries extremely hard to lame me. He ends up beating me and continues to flame. I tell him to chill and I leave Ra2 cuz i'm just tired of hearing him but, he goes on Skype and continues. 


Little context : He was upset about the first few games having a bit of lag that I even ended up shutting the stream off so we can have better games. After our series was over, he started flaming me. I told him to be a good sport when he started flaming but he was too pissed at this point. He kept using the first 3 games as the primary excuse for his anger/losses. I explained that the only reason I had the stream on still was because there was a few of you guys watching; Marko, Steffen, Max etc. But that I respected his decision and shut the stream off (for him) after he claimed that it's laughable for me to say to be a good sport while I streamed the games.



[3:41:27 PM] Tomi: so ur saying i have to sacrifice for 2s delay so marko etc can watch our games?

[3:41:31 PM] Tomi: youre a fucking joke

[3:41:39 PM] Tomi: get a proper stream, problem solved

[3:41:43 PM] Tomi: or dont stream like myself

[3:42:04 PM] Edd: nobody is saying that.

[3:42:26 PM] Tomi: you just dont get how fucking retarded it is to talk about good sport after all ur shit

[3:42:38 PM] Edd: Like I said, view it however you want

[3:42:41 PM] Edd: I explained my point

[3:42:45 PM] Tomi: anyways enjoy ur rank 2 on 2016 dead game

[3:42:47 PM] Edd: if you choose to ignore it, so be it

[3:42:47 PM] Tomi: youre a star

[3:42:52 PM] Tomi: always a lame fag

[3:43:00 PM] Edd: -_-

[3:43:13 PM] Edd: you followed me to skype to keep talking about the same crap we've already talked about on ra2

[3:43:25 PM] Edd: i get it dude, you lost a few games and you're upset

[3:43:25 PM] Tomi: so you explained ur point and i have to accept that point while ive explained you my point which u completely ignore n dont accept?

[3:43:30 PM] Edd: but you need to chill


[3:43:40 PM] Edd: ignore and dont accept?

[3:43:43 PM] Edd: i shut the stream off

[3:43:46 PM] Edd: get it?

[3:43:49 PM] Tomi: 4th game

[3:43:52 PM] Tomi: after i asked

[3:43:53 PM] Tomi: twice

[3:43:54 PM] Tomi: 3 times

[3:43:58 PM] Edd: you didnt ask

[3:43:59 PM] Tomi: mby ur brain is slow

[3:44:01 PM] Edd: you said it was laggy

[3:44:04 PM] Tomi: i guess its my fault

[3:44:13 PM] Tomi: oh you didnt even realise it lagged

[3:44:15 PM] Tomi: sry then

[3:44:15 PM] Edd: i said i'd shut my stream off

[3:44:17 PM] Edd: and so i did

[3:44:27 PM] Tomi: im sorry you didnt realise the 2s delay

[3:44:33 PM] Edd: oh god

[3:44:34 PM] Tomi: might comes good for your brain

[3:44:36 PM] Tomi: can react

[3:44:41 PM] Edd: lol

[3:44:45 PM] Edd: wanna talk about this?

[3:44:47 PM] *** Call to Tomi, no answer.

Send video message ***

[3:44:55 PM] Edd: i feel like you need some more venting

[3:44:58 PM] Tomi: no ty

[3:44:59 PM] Edd: maybe some yelling will help

[3:45:01 PM] Edd: im here for you

[3:45:28 PM] Edd: Some tea always helps my wife cool down

[3:45:30 PM] Edd: go try some

[3:45:30 PM] Tomi: anyways gz on rank 2

[3:45:34 PM] Tomi: youre a star

[3:45:38 PM] Edd: lol

[3:45:42 PM] Edd: that's twice you say that

[3:45:43 PM] Tomi: also great fucking job on the 0-7

[3:45:49 PM] Edd: and twice that

[3:45:53 PM] Tomi: well i realised i gotta repeat myself so you get it

[3:46:02 PM] Edd: ok, now i got it

[3:46:03 PM] Edd: thx

[3:46:04 PM] Tomi: but its ok

[3:46:50 PM] Edd: thank you

[3:46:54 PM] Edd: for your positive vibes

[3:46:59 PM] Edd: and help