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In Topic: -bros- push[not proven]

20 May 2007 - 06:29 PM

Let the admins decide.
Your spamming and it is lame to get warned for that so i though id give ya the heads up.

In Topic: Lets Talk

28 April 2007 - 05:31 AM

I will once again repeat the question: Dont you think you owe other players respect on the game, the awnser is simple, yes, i beleive ra2 can be a little out of hand with the comments made and i think ra2 would be a better game and more people would stop leaving if players had better attitudes. Obviously, attitude etc. does not apply to me, becouse im a proven dodger, however, maybe just awnser the question?! this topic truely was more of a servey but you just cant seem to get that. who i am does not matter, any person on ra2 can ask this question weather or not they are a notorious cheater or the most well know gg player of all time, the awnser, in the end should be the same, just your opinion. Since you all like to quote me so often, then maybe accually read what you are quoting?! I do not argue just state facts and ask questions. You people come and post arguementative statements insulting me as a person. I really dont care if you think I should die or if you think im kool. this is the internet and you goths abuse the privlidge of freedom of expression on here to slander others. If you cant awnser the question aka unable to find the ability, then dont post, it is called spamming.

Thank you for your posts,


In Topic: Lets Talk

28 April 2007 - 05:24 AM

LoL still doesnt get it......

but its okay, you can insult me over the internet all you please, in fact, I hope it makes you feel better.

In Topic: Lets Talk

26 April 2007 - 04:37 AM

wasnt i was asking you give respect to other players. and maybe even mentally handicaped people?!

ignorance is bliss.

In Topic: Lets Talk

25 April 2007 - 02:36 AM


I come back, and yet more ignorance.
I will once again explain, I AM NOT ASKING FOR RESEPECT.
I AM NOT SAYING ANYONE Ows me respect.
Just asking a question, that you guys are yet to awnser.
And Im not dodging, like bluemafia likes to say all the time.
In fact i cant dodge, becouse all the last 3 times i have, i get caught right away cuz riz had to of memorized my ip lol.
Also, someone mentioned being warned serveral times and serving serveral short bans, uh naw, i got banned first for d/c then the rest for dodging, witch, isnt really cheating just being dumb. So...Yea you guys should show some respect its a game and you guys need to relize despite whatever someone does, they are a different person outside of their room where the computer is. So plz stop being ignorant and just awnser the question if you feel so inclined to. but it is your choice, or continue to prove your ignorance and simple-mindedness to the reset of the people on ra2, i really dont care either way, but as a word of caution, if you ever happen to see me on the street dont tell me your ick on ra2 cuz you have likely flamed like a simple nerd just talking out of your **** like half the ppl seem to, and i might accually recall that and beleive me, face to face, you will have little or nothing to say. cuz ppl that sit and talk and talk on the internet to you like you are a convicted felon, are just pussies.