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19 December 2006 - 10:14 PM

1. My nick on ra2 is oUcHmyTc not other cuz my friend D/C and now we only have 1 nick but I have a new ra2 CD ( SeriaL ) if I need 2 instal it to join pwns i will instal it

2.My name is CaRL


4.I can say my attitude is good with all clan m8 . BuT some time with some ppl I had not good attitude but I can learn on it ..

5.FoR this question I can say .. maybe good Im not sure .. but not elite .. I need 2 learn on my T-C

6.I am very active on ra2 I play almost always 2 hours by day.. The most of the time I cmatching .. I dont multiclan but I often change clan .. BuT if I join pwns I think I dont will change cuz that a good clan .. pts not important and good m8 on .. I know some of them (That what I need to learn fast and HF)

7.I only play Ra2

8.I had never was in pwns

9.Why I leave my clan ! Because Im always the host and I have difficulty 2 recrut and we always do 1 vs 1 ( only ) I want learn 2 vs 2 and i think that good clan for this

10.I had play ra2 i think .. mm about 2 years

11.I had explain it I all the question i Thinkk

Thx CaRL