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C&C and C&C Red ALert 1 freezing

04 March 2006 - 04:08 PM


I have this problem with the original c&c and Red ALert 1. Doing single player missions I can do the first mission ( which is relatively short). Then 2nd or 3rd mission for either game after nearly finishing it, it will freeze, I have to exit the program and restart it.

Ive played on wol, 1 game on red alert and it worked ok, didnt freeze, ive also tried skirmish was ok.
Ive reinstalled but still has the same problem.

Im running on xp home edition, with this from the first decade pack.

Any ideas guys? I really dont wanna go through the missions saving it every 5 seconds then when it crashes loading it back up and starting from where it crashed. That's just annoying :(

EDIT : It Freezes in skirmish as well :<


10 November 2003 - 03:48 PM

how do u stop some programs from auto loading everytime u log on, on the taskbar eg aol messenger..

ive forgotton how to LOL....

it was in control panel or something... :unsure: but i carnt find it now :S