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In Topic: My nick in HoS?

18 January 2007 - 10:51 PM

it has to be a error

In Topic: anyone found this funny yet?

16 January 2007 - 02:35 AM

No but what I do find funny is....
Between qm and cm you have played 200 games, thats great and all but ah do you wake up every morning, play c&c all day, I mean you are on pace to play 400 games in one month...ALONE! Well your record tells me you have no life... :bornleet:

In Topic: Whats with the 150 pts filter in YR qm?

12 January 2007 - 07:24 PM

Well if you are not narrow minded, I think the next term that comes up is a ignorant. I just looked at your clan and guess what dude, It seems to me like you favor only bf and dp, so dont give us your **** about 1 mapping. When you look at our maps yes it says we have 31 dh games and 15 heck, well divide that by 2 and you have 15 dh games and 7 heck games, that it the total. We play those maps 2v2 and when you play 1 2v2 game it counts for that map you are playing twice. Our clan stats also show we have played 16 different maps, oh but I forgot in your full time investigation, your report shows we one map, good job, how about, I do a report on you, you dont seem to have played the map heck yet why dont you get a few of those in there, so we dont think you are scared, and you can acually play a skilled map....

In Topic: ss for K4NE

11 January 2007 - 09:05 AM

and fade you came into the game saying how 2 of you would own us on any map your full of **** i dont wanna hear no more topic over.

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I didnt say anything, as a matter of fact i wrote, wtf, why boot me, when i see a ffg of heck i join it, this is my fav map, then eziz joined and maybe you are confusing him with me, but i dont go into rooms saying how I am going to own people, as a matter of fact i never say i own anyone, and i think anyone would back me up on that one. I hate the word "OWN", i think it is stupid..therefor i dont use it...

In Topic: ss for K4NE

11 January 2007 - 12:45 AM

When i played the ffg with you guys I didnt not say anything about how i will own you guys. Dont make things up, Real hard to own me when it took 5 minutes to find a place to start with a land rush game and you and your m8 attack me at the same time at different ends of my base. PLease dude dont puts words in my mouth, why dont you man up and play me a heck game... I want you to play me dont send over one of your better players, since you owned me i want it to count for something, so dont run next time i see you...