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mapper how frick points back

18 December 2005 - 12:08 AM

this **** was off to the races if he had only knew Iwasn't a noob and had ran right through his base....

he never even tried to scout until I told him I could see him loading his eng before a single guy had left his base ,, then he starts in your cheating and my screen is messed up ... well he sucked so bad and being outed off the batt I threw him off his game of cheating yet he still did cheat I should of gotten more screen shots but my network has sucked so bad the last 3 times I've play it's crashed causing masive loss in points in games I was going to smoke the other plaer in ,, any way you can see in the ones I have him loading eng and his planes flying right into my base and he only later scouted a lame attempt in the front of my base never getting pass my graud I have no doubt he's a mapper weather you'll bann him I don't know but I know he is ..

humm I had purchosed way more then 5 planes or is that just ports ????

and yeh he begged me to post this

damn it I won this frincken game he surrender now I don't have the point but lose point no I'm really **** ..

well as it turns out until the ladder is fix I can't even give you a name on this friiiick

forevalst map cheat

08 December 2005 - 05:23 AM

I first would like to say 1 on my other report you need to take some English lessons .. it wasn't that the disrupts where hitting my command center long but it happened instantly ...
now to this new mapper cheat the site seems to be loaded with .
Sb map I started out left middle he ran his troops in the first minutes right up to my command center .( speaking of command center in my last report you stated command center couldn't be killed in 1 shot again I say go back and read it that's what I said happened )
any way I knew HE WAS A MAPPER RIGHT THEN SO i SENT 2 MCV OUT TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE MAP that only some one using a map trainer would see the following are the screen shots . second he tried to recon then he disconnected on me ..

I wish his recon would of worked then I would of had his ip and his cheat
uyab killed bought left captured
units 10 38 10
buildings 0 57 23 0
infantry 47 136 47
planes 0 7 7
forevalst killed bought left captured
units 26 50 27
buildings 54 66 58 2
infantry 32 114 32
planes 0 40 40

breathe his words where instant one shot cheat

07 December 2005 - 10:22 PM

I know this is hard to prove with no recon ,, but again lag and get cheated last game I play when theres a lagg or a slow down.

However once I got him to respond he admitted the cheat .

I had my artilary dailed in on them and with not even one full shot on a prefect wf and fatory instant destruction .. pleasse explain how a perfect factory blows up on one shot ??:??????????????????????????

you mods need to get better then just recons <_< <_<

uyab killed bought left captured
units 0 13 0
buildings 0 24 0 0
infantry 0 58 0
planes 0 0 0
breathe killed bought left captured
units 0 14 10
buildings 16 21 17 0
infantry 14 43 14
planes 0 3 2

ambushhim lagger cheat one shot kill

06 December 2005 - 06:10 PM

I'm growing sick of the cheats , you have your disconnects no points cheats and lagger mappers
then today I get this **** who kills my refinery and Factory with one shot sure if they had been lower power or damages would be one thing but not the case ..

My be noobs will belive the **** when he say I can show you how to kill with one shot but you can kill a perfectly good refinery or command center with one shot ..

read in his own words admit that it was a one shoo kill .

Some things to pass on if it laggs there is a cheat loaded .. fact not fiction.

ur2lagg is a lag cheat

02 December 2005 - 04:49 PM

he constantly turns his modem on and off to better prep the battle field
no way to prove it other then the fact this **** is using his modem to frustart and attack other players this in my mind it the worse type of cheat . he should be banned for life.

this type of cheat keeps you from repairing refineries and other items while his directs his attack ...

aswell to more efiently recharge his planes this guy is a staight out cheat and he knows it .

uyab killed bought left captured
units 0 41 0
buildings 0 86 0 0
infantry 0 154 0
planes 0 0 0
ur2lagg killed bought left captured
units 0 66 40
buildings 48 55 48 0
infantry 28 45 28
planes 16 52 16