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In Topic: devestatr d/c win

21 July 2007 - 09:45 AM

why hide that your iran/inchallah? there is no reason to hide

:laugh: how can u say that? u denied u were in bullet on aqua46 and heatison in heat 4 ages untill u stupid **** proved in without realising lmao what was ur reason 4 hiding then? :confused1: u diss bullet and heat loads yet u r part of the clans :banging:
go dc sum more noob

In Topic: I just played qmnoob and he dcd me but he got points????

14 July 2007 - 12:04 AM

lol i wondered how long it would take b4 fat boy showed up 2 start a flame wars yet again u speak about sumthing not involving u so go bore sum1 else plz.

again ur post full of bs typical dumb comments which i have to explain in simple terms so u can understand tell me if im going to fast

if i cared about this video game im pretty sure i would be playin it which i havent done 4 over a month now and have no real intentions of playin it in the future

i posted a link 4 the lazy dumb american ppl who arent capable of lookin about the topic themselves if u follow the link it will take u to original ss posted by mercenary the ss i posted were just for the idiots like u who need pictures in their books to persuade them 2 read further

yes i was in bullet and heat yet u call me a noob wen i slap u ez the word noob has no meaning anymore as is used as common as words such as "the" and "and" in all these stupid topics on st

yet again i dont play yuris so id choose not 2 plus i have no time as workin **** loads to pay 4 ibiza which im goin in week not like id play it anyway

if ur going to comment at least have sumthing to do with the topic not just morons tryin 2 flame to fulfill their pathetic life with sum excitement :yawn:

In Topic: I just played qmnoob and he dcd me but he got points????

13 July 2007 - 10:54 PM

owned :happy:

In Topic: I just played qmnoob and he dcd me but he got points????

13 July 2007 - 02:26 PM

two people dc'ed? and ps his st nick is aqua46 the guy who dc'ed you

lol i knew aqua and mercenary were the same person here u say aqua is the guy that dcd this guy after u change ur post but in the other report u were sayin u werent aqua or had anythin 2 do with aqua. U tried 2 prove it by posting a ss of ur nicks unlucky 4 u u just fuked ureslf cos u used the nick qmnoob when finding out ur names.


notice /n qmnoob b4 names :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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"and heres ss of my nicks, see if any of the beginnings or end match up with ANY member from bullet or heat noob clan
and please stop saying i am aqua or anyone in ur clan, its an insult. "

lmao knew mercenary and aqua were same guy also means dupe account and u r in heat and bullet so stfu u noob hypocrite

u should know the truth always comes out eventually

In Topic: toe BULLET/HEAT losers

06 July 2007 - 04:53 PM

that all you can say? moron.

r u serious? :happy: