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Help cant log in to TS

17 September 2007 - 09:48 PM

Hi yes Your staff member Riz banned me from the server for 12 days for going in a tiberian sun cheat report and saying im mammy2k1 as a joke so he would think that he didnt ban him . lol because i know mammy in real life. well anyway he decided to ban me for it, and im wondering if you say your someone else even though your IP matches no where near theres and you arent them..if thats reason enough for ban..also i kept dodging the ban because i didnt deserve it in the first place because ive never cheated/broken rules so he permanent banned me, he also has a report where "mammy" posted using his IP the real mammy and i posted on xforeva1stx IP and login

So the question basically is:If i say im someone else(as a joke)is that reason enough to ban someone, i mean on ts there isnt verymany players so we all like namehide and say where someone else especially if the other person is scared

and if thats reason enough which it shouldnt be otherwise since im already banned i will just say im the person in every report thats ever made and will be made so you will just keep banning me and no oneelse using this same logic

also is there a way to reverse the ban that i didnt deserve?


in that topic notice RIZ says both personnas so he knows im a diff person so why would he ban me when he clearly knows i joke/spam for no reason if anything you can ban my ST account :/

just curious let me know when you got a chance

Help Banned serial

10 September 2007 - 09:44 PM


I was not involved in this topic , but i made lying statement tojust **** off riz joking and he banned me lol took me seriously :( im not Mammy im Mammoth2k11

Fix pls

megaf0rce admits to cheat

04 September 2007 - 05:29 AM

chheats dood he admits it afteri pwned that c0rps fellow

gth4 - fiends + recon

01 September 2007 - 07:30 PM

He used tiberium fiends and still lost so he reconned.

tibst0rm killed bought left captured
units 0 21 13
buildings 7 17 8 0
infantry 3 46 3
planes 0 6 5
gth4 killed bought left captured
units 2 4 2
buildings 5 13 6 0
infantry 26 87 34
planes 0 0 0

stats it was clanner... here's ss not the best one with no dpl...however

Sync will prove what i was sayin is correct and stats aswell this was before i knew you guys were back in business +_+ GG

http://xwis.net/ts/xcl/?gid=74 link to the stats incase you wanna see yourself altho i pasted them

i just wanted to post to see if this washow you wanted a report(of course the only mistake i think is the DPL, which i wil;l get in future)

That ss was when his barracks and refinarys blew and my bomb/tits killed his counter fiends..which led him to recon.

SS is of my base after his fiend rushing.. hence the 3 bombers to kill fiends and my missing cy and injured refinary..i didnt take ss of fiends because well..like i said it was before i knew you guys were viewing reports again..however sync file if i recall tells what people have ..so you will notice he had fiends

Plus stats say he only bought madd infantry(fiends)

74 tibst0rm W gth4 W 10:20 Terrace 20:00 31-08 36 1 1 < did you mean this ?

Recon 2v2 clanner vs -eco-

17 August 2007 - 11:43 PM

dont know who did it dont care

only ss i have btw didnt expecty