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In Topic: Id it possible to export the forum history?

06 December 2021 - 08:11 PM

It's about the content, not about the looks. ;->

Hey Olaf, how are you? And what ever happened to doncarlo? remember her, she was helping run XWIS when it first started going, did you ever hear from her again? 

In Topic: Id it possible to export the forum history?

03 December 2021 - 01:44 PM

Welcome back and nice to see a player from the old days around this old and iconic site that, being realistic, doesn't look very good  :(


As for your question, I have no idea but I hope somebody can help.



Nice to see you too bro, i remember seeing you around the forums back in the day, yes sad times, this was a special place once. Very sad, shame CNCNET couldnt merge and we got to use the old WOL style xwis servers.

In Topic: Xwis and Olaf.

31 August 2021 - 09:10 PM

People would move back, but a small community needs to exist before that happends. Focus on getting 20-30 regular players then the rest will come slowly, organise times youre gonna come online and keep it consistent, will take a few months but people will come. I think XWIS needs some compatability issues before you guys even attempt that though! Cheers, glad to see people are still trying to keep xwis going, lots of memories, lots of good people, il never forget.

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23 September 2020 - 09:44 PM

Sadly, it is not worthy to keep a Hall Of Fame alive .......

this is so sad, it breaks my heart so see this place so dead

In Topic: XWIS is officially dead now.

15 July 2020 - 05:52 PM

Hey man i was in r@ptor the first year yr released, played a lot with Yakir, i think he was from Israel, good times man. almost 20 years ago, wow.


Crazy, good to see you mate, Yakir played under IsraelYak, he was actually in T.rex not R@PTOR, we were all in T.rex i led half the clan and Arcroyal led the other half, he kicked all the old loyal members to bring in disloyal flavour of the week guys, it destroyed the community and created a lot of rifts and drama, all the good guys who had been together for years like myself, dudu, azumlugor, DragonXP1, D4rkB0rg, Zocker left for various top clans like OM3RTA, OKTRON and i made R@PTOR and took half of T.rex with me . RyanTwizer and Yakir were the only 2 to stay but they retired a few months later. Spent a good 6 months fighting and killing off the rest of T.rex, got a lot of hard memories, it was a huge struggle and thats how R@PTOR was born, i bet most people didnt know that :)


I remember a lot but its starting to get fuzzy with age. R@PTOR was a struggle, the whole clan scene was a struggle at the time .... to bring in top players, organise and compete at a top level, it dominated my life, when all my friends were chilling, drinking and doing drugs with no worries or responsibility, we were pushing ourseleves to our outer limits, finding out what it took to succed. I failed all my exams because of this game, but i didnt need them, R@PTOR and this community taught me more about myself and life than any exam could. I put a lot of my success down to this game and community thats how big it was for me.Good to see you dude