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In Topic: October, November and December Hall of Fame

23 September 2020 - 09:44 PM

Sadly, it is not worthy to keep a Hall Of Fame alive .......

this is so sad, it breaks my heart so see this place so dead

In Topic: XWIS is officially dead now.

15 July 2020 - 05:52 PM

Hey man i was in r@ptor the first year yr released, played a lot with Yakir, i think he was from Israel, good times man. almost 20 years ago, wow.


Crazy, good to see you mate, Yakir played under IsraelYak, he was actually in T.rex not R@PTOR, we were all in T.rex i led half the clan and Arcroyal led the other half, he kicked all the old loyal members to bring in disloyal flavour of the week guys, it destroyed the community and created a lot of rifts and drama, all the good guys who had been together for years like myself, dudu, azumlugor, DragonXP1, D4rkB0rg, Zocker left for various top clans like OM3RTA, OKTRON and i made R@PTOR and took half of T.rex with me . RyanTwizer and Yakir were the only 2 to stay but they retired a few months later. Spent a good 6 months fighting and killing off the rest of T.rex, got a lot of hard memories, it was a huge struggle and thats how R@PTOR was born, i bet most people didnt know that :)


I remember a lot but its starting to get fuzzy with age. R@PTOR was a struggle, the whole clan scene was a struggle at the time .... to bring in top players, organise and compete at a top level, it dominated my life, when all my friends were chilling, drinking and doing drugs with no worries or responsibility, we were pushing ourseleves to our outer limits, finding out what it took to succed. I failed all my exams because of this game, but i didnt need them, R@PTOR and this community taught me more about myself and life than any exam could. I put a lot of my success down to this game and community thats how big it was for me.Good to see you dude

In Topic: XWIS is officially dead now.

14 July 2020 - 10:34 PM

Well olaf could have worked together with cncnet i heard,but u know olaf he's a stubborn guy who cant work with other people and doesnt listen.

Voor de rest aardige jongen



Yeh i played on cncnet for a few years and got to know the staff well, at the time they were fully open to work with xwis but it was this side that didnt want to work together supposedly. Its so sad to see that people didnt come together to work something out for the sake of the game and community. This place will always have a special place in my heart, it was truly beautiful and il will never forgot all the good memories, pretty depressing seeing how it turned out but i guess people are too busy to maintain it and a lot of guys went to CnCnet, i still feel like this community will always be the heart of RA2/YR. I salut you all!

In Topic: Xwis has it all. Yet fails against CnCNet

14 March 2017 - 03:09 PM

Niek I said in the same comment why it's a nightmare! For me i liteally can't tab out whilst logged into xwis as it will crash, it also lags and games barely ever start with "scenarios don't match" up on the screen half the time.

I don't get any of those issues on cncnet, I can log on and get a game in 2 minutes, I'm all for xwis but, it's obviously got issues with windows 10 that need fixing, it feels slow and outdated. Surely they can be fixed if someone cared?

In Topic: Xwis has it all. Yet fails against CnCNet

13 March 2017 - 09:15 PM

Ra2 xwis is an absolute nightmare, my resolution is also messed up on it, I can't tab out onto desktop at any time whilst on xwis because it crashes and it lags like hell. Cncnet is literally so fast, 2 clicks and your on ready to play, the server is ugly as hell but it's easy and quick. I think I'm starting to see now that a merge would be the only way, because people just want ease of access and quick free play. I don't know anyone who could be bothered registering serials ect. We now live in an age where people want quick easy access to everything and if there is an alternative, they will use it. I literally logged into xwis as I was typing this and it crashed now I'm having to take the batteries out of my laptop to restart it. That's just annoying and makes me not want to log again.