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Ode to XWIS - a Reminder

17 June 2021 - 12:48 AM

XWIS was the first to allow people to play RA2&YR after EA abanonded it. Like they do basically everything they make.

Always dedicated to keeping real players in and cheaters out.


Theres no reason in Yuri's playerbase fading so badly around 2014.



Tens of thousands of quality quickmatches. Millions of lobby matches?


I remember reporting the old Pres IFV in quick matches.  Sometimes It would be a long game with a legit player,

then out of nowhere 20 minutes in a IFV would shoot incredibly powerful beams at my base.


If I remember correctly, RA2 and YR multiplayer became better after XWIS picked it up.


To this day, I believe XWIS is better than what battle.net has become.


What things do you have to say about XWIS?








d0wndariv money hack

10 October 2015 - 05:23 AM

I Speed engi'd his war factory and ore refinery. Sold both buildings.


Came in for the kill and suddenly he had 3 south korean jets ($3600) 7 tanks and 10 airtroopers.


Its not possible that he is not hacking. For me two steal his refinery and war factory and still lose is laughable.


I know that im saying an admin is hacking. I didnt get to rank 1 2 years ago and rank 4 again to not be able to tell when ive been cheated.


For an xwis admin to cheat is pretty sad. I stand by what I say.


And if he is not using a money hack? Then he is scripting, which is still hacking/cheating.

Yuri's for free on origin didnt really do anything...

09 October 2015 - 03:15 AM

Its a sad day when this, the last good RTS,  for free, still did not get any players.


At this time every night yuri's only has 5 players. Or "10" people logged in but no one plays.



Everyone in red alert 2 uses autobuild script that I refuse to because im not a script kiddy.



Its over boys. I'll try to keep playing yuri's revenge but really only red alert has players and they are all auto build noobs that probably think the gaurdian GI ruined the series, or something. I dont understand these idiots that want to play the inferior, unbalanced version, but they actually do play.


I never thought yuri's revenge, for free, would be ignored by the world. Good job XWIS, you stuck with the last good RTS for a long time. But the world has gone casual. Everyones too busy playing meme games on steam or that awful, awful MOBA.


Edit: Im rank 4 so sorry all I can do is laugh at the people saying I dont know what I am talking about

attempting to play quick match ruins my account

25 September 2015 - 03:29 PM

Custom match is ok. But QM makes me log in to..an older version of my account with a different rank?


I cant click on qm without my account breaking. I have to disable auto login just to type the password again. Very annoying.

mm8 - shroud of war hack and others {not proven}

24 September 2015 - 12:14 AM




Here you can see him using some sort of hack allowing his submarines to fire blindly into shroud (gap gen is online whole game)


This is my first report in 4 years i think so be gentle.


Please remove his 3 fake wins or my 3 losses.