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cncnet is yuri's Revenge

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RedAlert2 1.006?

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20 July 2017 - 11:07 AM

hi cainiao :)
I have emailed you link to the maps i suggested :)
I have received a message from guestacounts asking for the maps- i have sent him the link also :)

it is the link for ALL MAPS

Thank you。谢谢你

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20 July 2017 - 06:30 AM

Hi there :)


I recommend other maps for 1v1 :)


urban marine revisited

pirate bay


tiger bay night



please let me know if i can give you NEW VERSION of the XWIS MAPS 

Thank you, need four map, because two people join the OBS and live streaming。

Can you send it to my mailbox? 630411962@qq.com

Hi Cainiao, 


You already have my contact (skype/whatsapp) I will most likely participate. 

I got QQ running and TPS2.0 anti lag. Games are good speed, sometimes even faster than xwis :)


Only struggling with qq messenger international. It gives an chinese error ( ill send you screenshot, mayb you can help me out ) 

I downloaded the chinese messenger instead ( bad mistake - im stuck with undeletable pop ups now -.- ) so i cant use that atm. 


Pirate Bay - Great map, suitable for different kind of gameplay

Tiger bay Night - Good map but mayb to unknown for them

Urban Marine Revisited - decent map but nothing special. I wont add that one to the format 

Yellowstone - Boring small map. Bottom OP. 


I would recommend to add The Path More Traveled By Great map were all kinds of units and gameplays can be used. Not a runnaway map but a map like a chessboard where TC and unit placement are very important. Perfect add to the current map pool. Also a map were you can hold from a losing position. Great for the vieuwers. I already played it with alot of QQ players - NSP members and they all loved it :)


Mayb add Tour of Egypt since its one of the best basic maps.


i would get rid of Naval War on Depth Charge. No1 plays that on XWIS. 


Does XWIS rules implement we can play without lames ? ( No engi on opponents buildings and mcv +  NO ALT ) ? 

Would give better and more fair games. 


We also play without engi eat ( share oils ) but i think it will be difficult to explain them all of that per individual map so mayb never mind about that. 

It was me that played with you last night。LordHero,The nickname, remember?