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Name Changing.

01 May 2006 - 01:36 PM

Name Change - "xxNo0bSFLoWxx ==>> RobbiePwns"

OMG. help me get my points back!

19 April 2006 - 09:11 PM

This inparticular person dc'd the game. like lets say... 6-7 times? :| too slow down the game, as i rushed on a tourny. He then built like battle lab drednoughts and stuff. and i went to kill him on the coast. he quickly dc'd again. so i just quit. it was quite along game. :( but all i want is my points back. he's simply doing this to whoever he plays. this has too stop as also. he laughed when i said i have a ss???
he said he knows don carlo and rizla ?? ummm well, does that matter if he does anyway? get him banned. just because he knows you, dose'nt mean he can get away from all that hacking reconing etc.. in my view it seems to me, that if he does actually know you. hes setting a very bad influence to the game. sorry for the speech, but im soo tiked off about him actually winning that game, even though i would of owned with tc and tactics. thats all i have to say. Peace x-x write back

- InJ3cTm3 Playing on Tourny. LBL (me)