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eaglefun Reconnection Error When losing[TBI]

09 August 2011 - 12:32 PM


Well this is getting hilarious, i even lost points!!!!! lmao.


Lol my bad, it was Eaglefun not HmmKorea!

Whoops :p

Nickname 'iScarePPL' has been registered already...

08 August 2011 - 01:36 PM


I haven't played in 5 years or so, but I want to give it a try today :)

Anyway I see a lot has changed, and I tried logging in but I couldn't...
In my CP I wanted to add my nick iScarePPL but apparently someone stole it.


All my nicks seem to be stolen.

I tried adding these to my CP account

Veg - already in use
iScarePPL - already in use
iSLaPiRaQ - already in use

Whoever stole my nicknames, I would like to have them back.


ra2 freezing after 10 minutes

28 February 2007 - 03:35 PM

Yo, i just installed the game recently again and done some ffg's, now it seems to CRASH every time when i get in longer games on heck...

it didnt happen in 1vs1 QM yet, but maybe becouse those games didnt last too long...

it just freezes after 10 minutes or so when there's a lot of action on screen...

maybe it has something to do with Conroe processors?
does any1 have an idea what this could be? i never seen this kinda crash b4...

tokio79 reconnection error[BT16-01-05-06]

15 April 2006 - 05:45 PM

he said FC YOU! and then reconn error popped up...

and please, dont give me the "freewin" **** again like i had with pyymp...

when people wash, i want banns, simple as that, not like pyymp that he is still able to give a freewin and get away with cheating...

dont have XGS

here the ss's, /r/dpl one too, plus the sync.

dont want points returned, just a bann.

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date
332342 tokio79 America 0 nijmegenx America 0 15:17 Depth Charge 18:04 15-04 46 1 1
tokio79 killed bought left captured
units 23 83 11
buildings 3 48 15 5
infantry 49 97 23
planes 2 17 1
nijmegenx killed bought left captured
units 62 84 58
buildings 30 40 39 7
infantry 69 82 26
planes 0 88 56

Pyymp aka FReaK aka Skanker washes

07 April 2006 - 03:31 PM

ok, here we go.

cheat report: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=69110

just make sure u dont play him, he washed me for eating one of his engi's ( but he doesnt mention his 98378348 engi rushes )

anyways, i won, yay, and he washed me.
he's one of those type of players that will never learn to play fair.

he even ADMITTED he washed me, he literally said "yeah but u engi ate me", but ofcourse he knows that is not enough proof to bann him for life since there wasnt other text on the screenshot....

ST can't even bann him for washing me becuz he did a d/c wash, ST even gives him the chance of giving a freewin. nice set of rules u got there....

just wanted to let you people know, do-not-play-him.

pyymp is a WASHER.