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It's been a while.

02 October 2015 - 04:29 AM

When I saw on Origin that they were giving away this game for free, I obviously had to get it. I installed it and all but forgot about it until I saw it lingering in my desktop early this morning. So I thought, why not, let's see what I can remember about this game. Oh my gosh, it was like I was transported back to my teenage self. I spent so many hours as a teenager (around 13/14) so around 8/9 years ago playing this game. I even used to create my own maps, but I can't remember what software I used for that. My best friend and I would come home from school and play against each other or team up and play with others. We'd discuss game strategies when we should have been paying attention in class. I think we even fell out for a few days over this game. 


When I went to play online there was no one else in the lobby, so I googled "does anyone play Red Alert 2 online anymore?" which led me to this forum. I'm still not sure how you guys play it online, but then again I only joined up all of five minutes ago so clearly some more research is needed. 


Oh how this game pulls at my nostalgic heartstrings... 


The dogs and the rocketeers <3