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In Topic: This is Total Bull Thx KilYA

25 March 2004 - 05:34 AM

yea PAce biatch.. lol

ima still find out who u are tho :devil: :smoke:

In Topic: This is Total Bull Thx KilYA

25 March 2004 - 05:27 AM

I locked no one from any site...As it looks to me you are in full control of your the site and if you pwn yourself as kilya that will tell the story in the long run. Also you were told over and over not to deal with peanuthead you agreed and said he was a ****. Messenger records show in your conversations that your plan was to keep peanuts involvement a secret. Because you were told the clan had no desire to deal with a lier,hacker,resetter,drug dealer, all around scum bag.. I and the clan had no problem cutting you lose,and find your post bizare as you knew any involvement with such low life would cause your dismissal form the clan. No one asked for you to make the site ,You stole the funds from your Father as you wrote on messenger(I have the text) This was after I found out the domaim was taken when I tryed to buy it. So we know what the deal is now.. You and Peanut head were in this from the start to derail another kilya site and it is Peanut you should get your money back from to pay your father.

BOTTOM LINE You listened and were pwnd by the master peanuthead as he is psy-o..You went along with his plan and you blame us ???? Don't expect us to feel sorry for ya...You made your bed now sleep in it... ;)

lol look at this motha****a .. u think ur special cuz u can kick people from ur clan? ALL matt was tryin to do is get the site up.. he didnt have any undercover plans to destroy ur world.. aka clan kilya ...

the REAL bottom line is he tried to help the clan and u kicked him for it.. now im gonna find out who the **** u really are and post the truth.. mr rich man

like i've said b4.. matt has paid me b4 for my layouts and his dad gives him the money.. he has no reason to steal.. plus

"[BuRN]_BuRNOwNzU aka BuRNU2aSh! says:
i dont steal from my pops he treats me good"

and "lier,hacker,resetter,drug dealer, all around scum bag" yea real mature buddy.. who's the real low life.. talkin **** to a 16 year old

and what the **** do u know about drug dealing.. no1 drug deals for fun.. if he did do it he had to.. if u really are rich u should go play golf or something u **** ur not cut out for the world.. u really have to be a low life to stoop so low

In Topic: This is Total Bull Thx KilYA

25 March 2004 - 05:11 AM

man **** u ****, get ur **** straight .. ur on the wrong side of this argument

In Topic: This is Total Bull Thx KilYA

25 March 2004 - 05:05 AM

lets get something straight.. matt did not steal that money.. his dad gives him money for **** like that.. he has paid me a couple times already for layouts how did u even get the idea that he stole that money..

and yea.. ur rich.. but ur playin an OLD **** ****ING GAME and kicking people for the stupidest ****.. i know if i was rich i would not** be stressin over stupid **** like that... i dont believe u for a second

In Topic: This is Total Bull Thx KilYA

25 March 2004 - 04:38 AM

i've never seen an adult act so immature.. matt wanted to help out the clan and get a site for u.. he got the money however he could ( i dont believe he stole it.. his dad gives him money ) and he needed som1 to code it for him.. and cuz of that u kicked him.. i personally think u need some mental help for even making a rule that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME.. thats his personal buisness if he wants to do buisness with him

i posted this in a diff topic too.. u can delete it over there if u want.. im not tryin to spam