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In Topic: Little big Lake Build order

09 May 2004 - 08:10 PM

I've never seen a more vulgar display of pussitude then this thread.

I outrightly called both of your **** asses out, and you sat there and took it like 16 year old girls on prozac.

Abom, Acid, any old school player you mention will be twice the player that you kids are...and I'd prove it to you if you accepted my challenge.

Fortunately, we all have lives now and Ra2 is nothing but a memory..but it won't stop me from coming back and chewing your weak arrogant **** up.

Accept this....and accept anyone else who challenges you.....or forever accept the fact that you are a gutless and worthless kid, who talks more then he could ever backup.

Less backbone than a jellyfish.

In Topic: Little big Lake Build order

09 May 2004 - 07:23 AM

can certain members of this discussion stop flaming each other thanks alot.

I'm not flaming, I'm constructively criticizing a few users.

In Topic: Little big Lake Build order

09 May 2004 - 07:22 AM

WiLLy...can i ask u sumthin?

Why the **** would u even responce to my post ****tard!?!?!?

U r ****in new schooler...u didnt even kno the game when most of us played that time. U dont how ****in skilled ABom and Acidtank were...u would bet ur life also if u knew them...ask any1 old old old schooler from that time...they were the best and almost never lost....ask CERIBRUS....HE WAS PREV OM3RTA MEMBER !!!!


PS. Im sorry for being so rude guyz...im just tired of ppl talkin **** and everything.

Only Thegreatest and tomi should responce to this....try be like JoKu, try act normal and as a growing up whatever <_<

I have an incredible urge to just ram your face into my motionless fist.


In Topic: Little big Lake Build order

09 May 2004 - 07:21 AM

Maybe you should've kept you ****-talking for back when you were "good". Don't diss the new generation mate; we know our **** as well as any of your oldskool buddies, and we've proved it time and time again.

Some new school people are impressive from what I've been told..you guys should bend this fool over as well.

In Topic: Little big Lake Build order

09 May 2004 - 07:18 AM

Tomi you arrogant little ****, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

First of all, Abom and Acid haven't played for years. YEARS. I don't understand how they even FIT in your silly equation. I played countless times with acid, was my 2v2 mate, and we always agreed that YR was an unbalanced piece of ****.

Abom himself told me when losing to yuri, that the game was an unbalanced piece of ****.

Abom and Acid were both great Ra2 players before they ever came to YR, and if I remember correctly they came back to Ra2 for a little bit before leaving forever.

You never even mention any of the old school Ra2 people, you think this is Ra2? These slut ****s that you see playing on XWIS?

You know nothing kid, and this Master of ASSLICK who follows you around can **** off too. If you make a sudden stop he will fly straight up your ****.

It makes me sick to see a little piece of **** arguing about this once great game, reminds me why I left.

Regardless, before you challenge me to anything..I ****ing challenge you..

I'll play you best of 5 on Ra2 or YR, if you choose to accept I'll practice for a bit, come back, and spit on you. Master of HORSESHIT can watch if he wants. I eat bitches like you for breakfast.


P.S. Mods, don't edit this. Someone needs to bend him over and teach him a damn lesson in humility.