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In Topic: elra pushing jeen? on sirjehan on last day of month 0-5

01 September 2017 - 04:27 AM

Amen to that Mr hardass. For me I did the work as I beated every single champ here the only reason why I keep play here cuz I want to beat latof sadly looks I won't. Jason you did it asshole and I have a small prize for you. From now on I have zero care about this game. Fuck you and fuck that man who put these rules and once again fuck you I hope that I was too respect and too formal for you. I always used to say admins are mentally retarded cuz they imagine they have the power to do everything. PS you have to be on these days i believe Elra would dodge the ban 1000 times so be prepared. I guess I would take a forum ban so I encourage you to a permenant ban. One more thing fuck you and See ya all in the other life mother fuckers.

In Topic: elra pushing jeen? on sirjehan on last day of month 0-5

31 August 2017 - 05:50 PM

I don't understand what is the way which I can play someone in my home and real games.

In xwis everything is complicated, a Chinese friend of me want to join xwis he said the system is very complicated to sign in although he bought a serial.
Now I got banned cuz I'm playing someone in my home note that I didn't played him from the same serial.
Also, how could you say I played him in same ip ? I played him using phone ip address and he used router ip address so in that case the games will be count.
I think you made mistake Jason because if I played my bro in same ip address xwis will not count the games, so please explain to me how the games were counted if I played him in same ip?

In Topic: elra pushing jeen? on sirjehan on last day of month 0-5

31 August 2017 - 03:23 PM

Btw I didn't play vs him in the same ip address and even if I did the games wouldn't count so in that case I didn't play from neither same serial nor same ip
Tell me why it's proven?

In Topic: elra pushing jeen? on sirjehan on last day of month 0-5

31 August 2017 - 12:51 AM

You absolutely have no job , you are not educated , you wait your dad to buy your foods in ur 30ies , I never blame you and I'd never really try to blame the belly which brings someone idiot like you.
Josh is bailing cuz he got lucky wins when paf spams me and I played my brother and it doesn't look fair to the admin paf.
The reason why you hate me that much cuz I refused to play you 2v2 , simply you are a fw in both 1v1 2v2.
I don't know which language I have to use to talk to almost "homless" person.

PS. Pifpaf seriously didn't you see yourself what your are doing in ra2?
You swap between your Nicks where I can't see no point by doing this.
You don't play 1v1 cuz u are noob and very easy to lose.
Those are my last words to a homless like you.
About the topic I engineer Elra mcv and I also kept engi him non-stop and I got his mcv to build the naval but he destroyed it with his mass sentries Why would 5-0 looks un normal when I press him at the begining?Too hard to homless to get it.

In Topic: PIFPAF spamming me

30 August 2017 - 11:26 PM

he replied with hi niek cuz he has nothing to say