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13 February 2008 - 05:40 AM

Between the times of i think at least 5:00 GMT+0 13/02/08(London, Greenwich) and until now, so far 5:35am

NO ONE and i mean that, can make a game without it shutting down the whole game within seconds, bringing you back to the desktop of the computer.

last game i had someone messed it up by attacking his ally, so i banned them from the following game, it started then; If that has ANY relevance.

Username: NoobofYR
Map: Tour of Egypt
Other players I can remember: TigerJNG, hitech, mani...(cant remember), Skill(cant remember)

After this game and setting up another one the problems were encountered

Admin and any other help much apprieciated

- DT86UK

wo0t22 d/c's no points awarded

20 August 2007 - 02:39 PM

Attached File  ss_wo0t22a.JPG   131.32KB   57 downloadswo0t22 disconnected me and so far i haven't been award the victory or points as the ss shows

plus prior to D/c'ing he used the taunt button to do so, (not sure which one, usa, "i promise them etc..."

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T
215091 dt86uk W wo0t22 W 03:53 Blood Feud 15:20 20-08

wo0t22 killed bought left captured
units 3 4 2
buildings 0 11 2 0
infantry 4 26 7
planes 0 1 0
dt86uk killed bought left captured
units 0 11 7
buildings 4 11 9 2
infantry 17 6 0
planes 0 0 0

As u can see i was clearly winning, capturing his war and then killing his mcv, SS below, for some reason says we both won and no points award :(

apologies for the way i've structured that post ^ its a mess i know :rolleyes:

IbiteHRD d/c , no points?

09 May 2006 - 12:37 AM

Username played with: dt86uk3

GMT: 1:25am approxiatly when game started/ended

What basically happened was we were paired to battle and in the loading phases he/she did not load, once they timed out the battle started but obviously ended saying Victory etc.

Im asking if any points are still given out to the ranks and winner of the battle as none of us have a point in that game despite i won, as shown in SS

- Dan

QM AndyR1 D/C

02 May 2006 - 01:56 PM

Map: Anytown, Amerika
GMT England 14:46

He eng rushed, it failed i went to him blah blah he had a pill box left and some men and he d/c'ed me

only have screen shots of him disconnected and the results, not the 'You are victorious' if its required?

because of him d/c when he just about lost, i've lost lots of points, not sure how much exactly, but i was over 220 now im at 191 or something...

if theres anyway to get back the points lost that would be great, also some sort of punishment for AndyR1 and the disconnecting? hes affected my rank and points tally and i deserve the win as points results show and the fact he d/c'ed from a game he knew he was going to lose, when he could have just surrendered

My Banned Usernames

06 April 2006 - 08:21 PM

Within the last 30 minutes i've had one of my usernames banned for 15 days and a friends was banned last week maybe sometime and hes came crying asking why...

Usernames are: dt86uk & nufc4ev3r (which are now in HoS)

Im not requesting the ban get taken off im enquiring as to how they were banned; ironically they seem as dumbfounded as i do.

I've checked the forums of Fair Play and YR Proven and i cant find what im looking for.

Before i get abuse thrown at me for cheating, 'nufc4ev3r' is as i say a friend of mine and his serial number has been banned on his own PC. The DT86UK (mine) was being user by my father, of which is now recieved the ban, again this has been done on a different serial number and PC (hell we live 12 mile apart lol) to mine hence i havn't recieved a ban. All this should be recorded on Westwood or XWIS for confirmation just incase there are any doubts; At The Moment I'm always using my 'dt86uk3' username.

Common Sense would tell me to delete all the accounts and start again lol as i got 3 people using them at anytime, i tried a while ago but i was in ranks so i cudn't nvm. i'll try now i spose :)

If info could be given to by possibly by admins or if the players who caught them it would be much apprieciated

- Daniel