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GroupC Maphack and Prez ( return pts plz ! )

22 November 2005 - 02:10 AM

Too bad i don't have his name in the SS .. but i think it's pretty self explanatory. The guy would not scout, and put pills around his base and helicopter engis over and over. I playedh im 4 times, and i was wondering how he kept seeing everything and winning. I took a ss of his prez .. i couldn't get his name in the SS cause he would not say a thing the whole game.

http://xwis.net/xcl/?pid=19874 - the top game is the game on SV aka where i took this SS .

killu4me1 (Recon)

02 November 2005 - 11:15 PM

pretty str8 forward - i owned. stupid****washed me. i saw another topic so i don't know if there is any use 2 give you any more substantial proof.

Here is the game . http://xwis.net/xcl/?pid=2267

Dear Strike-team - regarding lost points

07 January 2005 - 03:47 AM

I have recently played several tournament games verse another ra2 player. we played 4 games. we've went fair on the losses. however, during 2 other games which we were supposed to play. i got kicked out of the room after accepting and the connection screen was about to load up. this caused XWIS to load the game, registering me as a valid player, and then disconnecting me 4 seconds into the game, causing me to lose points. this happened twice. I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE for any help you fella's here can give me. I don't mind losing, but losing points for no reason just substracts from the fun. perhaps it was a bug?

thanx, Val.

My nick : http://xwis.net/xcl/?lid=1&pname=tooo5wift

the games :

4389 tooo5wift L -29 iscareveg W +29 05 Urban Rush 22:38 06-01 20 0 1

4381 tooo5wift L -33 iscareveg W +33 04 Heck Freezes Over 22:13 06-01 25 0 1


10 August 2003 - 07:42 PM

well check this out. me and xp were playing a game and the first one it was all good and i won. 2nd game had just started. merely 3 minutes into the game and it starts lagging like hell for 5 seconds and bam the game freezes. i waited a few minutes then nothing moved so i alt controled it... then i get -46 which is a shitload of points. well anyhow, i'm just wondering if you can give me my pts back...

xps0ldier, i know we were cool those games so be a true stoner and tell doncarlo that i got d/c. 46 pts is kind of harsh, especially when it just so happens and i get that for nothing

i got a screenie, but this is all i got. next time i'm taking a photo with my digi cam of my whole computer because print screen always takes screen of the window selected...which in that case is the "**** you and your whole computer. end now" ****

!!!!!!!!!MEDRANO JAY !!

15 July 2003 - 06:27 PM

ok listen i got something up my sleeve i want to bring back the old days. PLEASE get on msn for the next few nights and if yo usee this tonight get on today so i can catch you. i leave my msn on like always so if not just leave me a message, or leave me your e-mail and **** i'll get you man.

peace brodda

go ahead and close this i just want it to stay on top for a little so he sees this