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01 April 2004 - 12:49 AM

So glad to know you are interested ye..I would not miss the fall of xwis for one minute.as it appears to be the case
Our clan is involved in the next giant on line game. Very funny what I'm hearing ye..To set the record straight I will no longer support XWIS nor will I step foot near its server. I will sit and watch the poor decisions, the dumb rules, That have driven all the players away.Pushing,reshroud,and ye..I'm going no where, The Clan will play ra2 on WOL and become ownage on the new game mentioned...So get out your shovels and lets have a wake for something that failed because of stubbornness .........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kilya's Offer To Work Together

22 March 2004 - 11:34 PM

Cane Posted: Mar 21 2004, 06:25 PM

Kilya Clan Leader

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QUOTE (JointRizla @ Mar 21 2004, 06:31 AM)
i would be quite happy to add an extra field to the info that is required to become a buddie,
would any of the current buddies have any objections to giving out their timezone for the buddies page on the homepage?

so the 1st thing i gotta do is get a list of the timezones our current buddies are in ( i know some) then start looking
for volenteers specific to the time zones we lack in.
i am thinking asian and australasian zones are where we lack badly as i think most buddies are in the european and north
american time zones
this is pretty much our ideal behind buddies and wol helpers,spambots and the 74 player xwis room on wol with the helpbot.
but live players on wol either in the chat room or in ppl's games have a better success rate i beleive.
The WOL helpers at the moment doesnt seem to be an official team any more, this was canes baby but it hasnt been touched
for a while.
Cane if u want me to take it over, say the word. I attempted to update the list but it would just be much easier to restart
that list of players.
if u wanna start it back up again, let me know please and i can send u the tools u need to run your own xwis help channel
on WOL and talk u through using it
(this isnt an open offer for anyone, no offence intended i just dont wanna hand out the tools to anyone i dont kow well  enough to know that they wont
use them against XWIS, If anyone else really wants them theres plenty places u can get them from) If yer not interested in it anymore Cane then then fair enough its no hassle for me to take it over.  BY  RIZ

My response....

I appreciate you pointing out that you know I would not hurt XWIS in any way, As you know I had enough access to return certain favors that were delivered and did not, and I'm not talking about XWIS.
One thing we have in common is are desire to make the XWIS server successful. My Clan and are new .com domain will launch soon a very strong player recruitment
drive with are training Clan as the front ,That will suport these new players the second they arrive on the server. In a previous post I suggest others ie Clans
and players join us. I've asked OLAF to create a Training Bunker that all involved would "man" to greet these players with support,Training,friendship. It is CLEAR
that Hundreds have come with are previous efforts but we droped the ball in retaining them. My focus is retention and in that we can work together.

Please Push for a training bunker to OLAF and are two clans can train and retain the new players etc.. Are approach will not use bots. So With the efforts Ive just outlined I must respectfuly decline your offer at this time..Hope in this we can work together for the common cause and bring XWIS to the forefront and successful.... BY CANE


ReSisTaNce is FuTilE wE WiLL AsSiMilAtE YoU

John_XCL Posted: Mar 22 2004, 06:51 AM


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Training bunker sounds like a good idea and a training clan aslong as you keep the standard training clan rules
IE no playing vs eachother and some other more obvious ones sounds like a great idea.

I hope olaf will do it when he has time to get round to it.. By John Xcl

^^^^Agreed and of coarse we would abide to all rules...Thx for for constructive comments....


JointRizla Posted: Mar 21 2004, 06:30 PM

XWIS Buddies

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ok sorted, now i can get on with it.. By  RIZ

QUOTE (miggi03)


Do you not have a responce to our offer??? Are you Interested in working together????
Did you delete these posts by mistake...?????

Kilyas training clan

15 March 2004 - 03:08 PM

I would like to announce the formation of the" Kilyas" training clan.. :o As many have pointed out, Alot of players who come to xwis find the going ruff and go back to wol..With this said we have decided to take on the challenge of training as many of these new members as possible... ;)

This Training clan we be supervised by Araider7 and I direct all interested to contact him through this post or the pm function in your ST account... :D

We would hope the idea of a training bunker in the XWIS lobby will be created so as to help direct these new players to us and others who get involved in this project....thx and we hope to see members and other clans pitch in so we can keep the new players who show up.... ;)

"Kilya" supports invasion

15 March 2004 - 02:56 AM

Have enjoyed the weekend.....

Alliance of Raiders...

05 March 2004 - 06:13 AM

Posted Image :o :o :o The Alliance is Here...ReSistaNcE iS FutilE wE Will AssiMilatE You..... :o :o :o Posted Image

Posted Image...THE CLAN WARS BEGIN...Posted Image