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In Topic: clarification

01 April 2004 - 06:16 PM

yes i edited my post because i have had a change of opinion about you and what ur tryin to acheive

total discord so the likes of you can survive in the internet world

5 harleys
3 homes
2 helicopters
2 cars
1.5 million profit
annnnnnnnnd a partridge in a pair tree
lalaa lalaaa

sounds like chatroom profiles

neways its all good
am still loving this game and xwis and s-t

lookin forward to SUM  gg's (and not so good if i drink too much)

First lisa no one appointed me..I made the clan you joined...Your so drunk all the time your help at times was poor..Your actions now bringing this to the public forum is bizarre. I'm sorry you have problems or donnot believe I have what I have. I'm not going to lose sleep over what you think. Everyone has a opinion as the saying goes..

To correct your info

4 homes..Daytona beach. Treasure coast, Palm beach,Miami.
1 condo.. Miami Beach..South Beach
1 leased helicopter...not owned
1.5 is my last years share of the combined 2 companys

You have broken my trust..There will be no ffg's all is not good..I understand you are about to lose your home because you can't be bothered to work,Your lights go off and on..pfff. Any help I might have been to you will now not come. To be honest I'm not in the habit of helping people who dont help themselves.

I have never asked anyone not to support xwis or st. My views are my own.

Go find a job....

In Topic: clarification

01 April 2004 - 06:20 AM


That heart warming post you wrote has been edited to "cya"...Sad but predicted 2 days ago by me..I sorry but cheating is not my bag and closeing the clan was the right to do...good luck to you and drew... ;)

In Topic: XWIS /ban and /ignore

30 March 2004 - 02:21 AM

IP bans on static IP's work best...They get all the nicks... ;)

In Topic: XWIS /ban and /ignore

27 March 2004 - 03:09 AM

Im guessing it would be based on the same sort of system MF was put on it resets everytime you logon.

But obviously none of you have used MF judging by your questions :huh:

I have used mf from its start...And since its not running in xwis the questions seem fair...Mapper :p

In Topic: XWIS /ban and /ignore

27 March 2004 - 12:58 AM

Will a file be made?...ie red list Black list etc...Is it in ra2 dir?..Do you have to do it everytime you log on?..Could you go into more detail...