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In Topic: Back after 12 years....Who remembers?

04 March 2015 - 10:53 PM

I can't believe it's been 12 years...I do remember you, we had some good battles. My record is horrible. I can't get the maps remembered, can't remember all the hot keys or anything...heck I had even forgot how to talk while in game.


It was sad how ra2 just ended...It started declining when Yuri's Revenge came out...I played it for a little while but not very long...I then also bought Generals and played it very little....Just wasn't the same.


I know RA2 is old school and the graphics aren't like the new games, but in my book it is the best game ever produced....other than Techmo Bowl...lol

In Topic: Back after 12 years....Who remembers?

04 March 2015 - 08:50 PM

I remember you man! Even your website!

1 thing pops to my mind, weren't you a wrestler or something? 

Anyway, welcome back!

Yeah that's me, I wrestled for about 10 years, actually getting back into it again come next Saturday...lol


A LOT has happened since those days...I took my 3 boys and left my wife ad have been living the dream of raising them on my own. One is in College playing Basketball now, Another is a Senior and already signed to ply College Baseball, and my youngest is a Freshman and is the High School Most Athletic...He started Varsity as a Freshman in Football, Basketball and now Baseball.


Life is Definitely good, but now I can play RA2 again, I will probably spend too much time playing and not have a life...lol, But can't do that since I am the owner of my own Business and need the money rolling in...haha

In Topic: Back after 12 years....Who remembers?

04 March 2015 - 07:55 PM

RA2 has some issues with Windows 8 at current. Things have changed as far as how you register for accounts to play on XWIS.



We're all here to help should you need it. ;) The activity has gone down and is not as active as it used to be as far as players in the lobby and game availability but you can still get into some games. It's just mostly all modded maps unfortunately. I play as IonGenHD usually, so if you see me, throw me a PM here on the forums and I'll try and schedule some time to play! :)


EDIT: Those ADSL connections were horrible! Each time the phone rings, the Internet disconnects...ugh those days I'm glad I don't miss! :laugh: But all in all, the game is still around. :D



It seems to be playing pretty well on Windows 8, I read up on it before I tried it and made some of the changes, I have to watch some of the buttons I push at times, because it will start clicking on stuff on my desktop behind ra2 playing...other than that, I can't Alt & Tab away from game....But all in all at least I can play.


I have noticed not many people at all are online, Sucks that I came on this late and missed more people playing...Hopefully it picks back up'


12 years ago I ate, drank and slept RA2....Made it in Top 25 of all time many times...Won cool stuff like C&C mouse pads...lol

In Topic: Back after 12 years....Who remembers?

04 March 2015 - 06:35 PM

Thanks all, I wished I would have known this game was still playable long ago. It's gonna take me awhile that's for sure...Back then I was on a huge gaming machine with a huge monitor, now just on a 15" laptop with windows 8. But at least now the connections aren't dial up....lol