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In Topic: Finally remember my ST email

02 March 2015 - 11:28 PM

Thanks! Just wondering if it's possible to swap my Deviousme account to this one, i created another a while back coz i couldnt remember anything of this account and don't have another serial... i know i can buy another but would like to avoid having two if possible. if not all good.

In Topic: To all those who said I couldnt make HOF, HAHAHAHAH

03 October 2007 - 04:46 PM

m4ster i dont know what world you live in, but that top 10 u got means nothing, your a noob. im not that good yet you bailed me 3 times. just to add your a lame piece of trash


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Do i say more? :ph34r:

In Topic: WTF is up with LAME?

03 October 2007 - 12:20 PM

Mate i do not think what your saying is wrong. BUT, what you are saying about a player with "less" skill, you are again going back to the same old tank/deso/dog game. To be perfectly honest without trying to contradict myself, i prefer a game where there is a good battle with tc etc, but i am not going to NOT eat an engi if i get the chance. In an ideal world i want to have every advantage i can get in a game, and if there is oportune to slow him down i'll take it.

I am not a top player by any means, if we were on wol days, i'd probably be ranked no more than less then 1000th, but i have been beaten numerous times by people eating my engi's by the "top" players etc. I remember back in the day i had a best of 3 with someone, i lost all three games, we were similar in rank and points etc, but in every game he did something different, engid, droned, tc etc... i had more fun trying to counter his different attacks try to beat his anti scout, then at the same time try and pull a few surprises my self.

and the noobs can beat a really top player in this way, but it doesnt really show their skills as good enough to be in that position

I just think though that this statement isn't just. Ur telling me that because in a tank battle that this person would lose, therefore has less skill, tho his strength is engi ing his base, or w/e. I think that is the mistake people make, because i see it as being very skillful, especially if this person is ranked highly or w/e, then get's beaten by some "lamer" who all they can do is engi, whereas i counter it and say that highly ranked person is lame because all he can do is win a tank battle....

In Topic: WTF is up with LAME?

03 October 2007 - 11:36 AM

Its true u have an advantage if they waste money on that stuff if u do manage to stop it. But still it can be very hard to stop, even for someone who is really tgood. Thats why all the champs and former champs of ra2 have always been against it.

I lOVE the use of champs, they are against it because it is too hard to stop? I think that's wot ur trying to say, but you can clear it up?

If it is "VERY" hard to stop, and you fall under the category of "champ" imo, with being disrespectful to those players, i don't consider them champs as such. Don't get me wrong, they have been rank 1 numerous times, and deserve the status as champs due to their dominance at the top, but i bet every time someone put an engi in their base/ate one of their engis they would have flamed them too death, regardless if the won or not. The point i'm trying to make is that why on earth should a player be called a champ if he can't stop all forms of attack?

E.g, Roger Federer, he is a champ, but hasn't won on clay, therefore he isn't the best as such, whereas players that can win on all surfaces are still classed as the best that has played, if you get my drift?

I believe though that anyone i play, irrespectful of how i win, should say gg at the end, whether or not i ate their freakin engi, or stole their warf. Being called lame etc isn't on, as been quoted 100's of times in this thread already that an engi rush etc isn't hard to avoid. If 2 players agree upon start of a game on a set of rules, and then it is broken then by all mean's that person is "lame" but, as long as i'm not using cheats/etc i don't want to hear someone whinge and wine about me eating their engi.

Feel free to agree or disagree, this is purely my thoughts.

In Topic: 10 days till almost all HOF's being done!!!

21 September 2007 - 03:39 PM

they should just shut down the servers if there sooooooooooooo busy

You may actually be forced to leave the house. :unsure: