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Automatically Dc after deploying the MCV ! ?

19 August 2015 - 04:14 PM



recently i'm getting an automatically DC after deploying the mcv !!! 


I've tried to re-install the game, but the same issue still appears


but i noticed that i'm not getting a DC from the server, it just shows the DC window and when i press quit it brings me back to the lobby without the need of re-login


means that i'm still connected to XWIS


also, I've tried to restart the network adapter / PC million of times still not working even with running as administrator ( i have win7 tho) 


i should also say that i'm facing the same problem with the GR version, even if i played @ GR it's not working anymore !!


it sometimes works, but most of the time i got the same error


i just called the internet service providers, they ensuring that my line is working perfectly and nothing has been changed.


any help ?


i can't play anymore :'( 

XWIS free, round 427

07 August 2015 - 04:41 PM

On the behalf of matt, since he is fourms banned, he asked me to post this :


The question of why xwis is not free? In the past Olaf has claimed that it's up to EA?


Yet he's also said that EA receives none of the money from serials. The only thing EA provides from sponsorship is lame prizes for winners (I am owed like 6 of them if any of you losers want one lol). So if EA does not receive money from serials, why would EA care if xwis is free or not?


And surely if EA is actually communicating its "authority" in any way to olaf, mr olaf can explain why he isnt pushing for xwis to be free? Or why "EA does not want xwis to be free".


Cuz it seems like if all the money is going to olaf, the only person that would not want xwis to be free is mr. olaf.


While we keep hearing about how EA is responsible for xwis not being free, cncnet and GR, without EA sponsorship, have way more players. Obviously EA does not give a shit that they exist.


So I'm sure many people on here would want a solid explanation from olaf as to why xwis cannot be free? Your typical 1-2 word responses are not very sufficient.


And as far as my game account goes that has been locked. I will only be online every once in a while if ppl text me to 2v2cm. otherwise i wont be, until it's fixed.



Auto - Log out ! ?

23 July 2015 - 07:45 AM

Hi guys,


a lot of players likes sitting at lobby while being afk, or at window, and he can sit like this for hours ....


with the current level of activity, it's getting annoying whenever you try pagging someone's online but getting no respond at all, since he is afk or @ windows.


so, why not activating an auto-log out feature ?? so the player who will stay more than 15 mins @ lobby without any kind of activity he will be automatically logged out !! and he needs to login again


by this we can guarantee that everyone @ lobby is not afk  / @ windows and he is currently ONLINE 


what do you think of that ?


suggestions / comments are welcome.


What does "BAIL" means ?

20 July 2015 - 07:54 AM

Hi guys,


i'd like to talk with you about a very frustrating word called "BAIL / Bailer ..etc" 


actually i don't understand what does "Bail" means ?


if someone is not down for 1v1, cms, 2v2 .. etc and he is on to play like mood games or qms w/e ??


why would we call anyone who refuse to play a Bailer ?


if someone has to go !! why would we call him a bailer ??? do i have to leave my stuffs just to finish ur series !! ??


and if i did, and he asked for a re - i said i'm sorry i have to go - ok bail me !!! ()$*# pffffffffffff


it's really annoying !! 


I've played with matt like +25 1v1 games from the beginning of the month, and he still calling me a bailer !!! ? WTF is that ?


also, sometimes after playing like 6 / 7 games which lasted for more than 2 hours, you saying you have to go !! 


Auto Reply :: OMG are you going to bail !! ? ok bail me !!! what a retarded mindset !!!


i really got pissed off from this #$*#^%^ word !!

Bodybuilding competition Yak vs Matt vs Latof

06 June 2015 - 01:20 AM

Hi guys,


sorry for posting here instead of player lounge since matt is involved  in this topic and he is forums banned, that's the only section he can see 


few days ago we were at the lobby Me, matt, latof, paf, mason, frank and edd we were talking about bodybuilding and it ended


up with a challenge between me (Yak), Matt and Latof 


so we decided to post our pictures - transformations - and find out who's having the better shape


i'd like to share with you my 8 months transformation, i'm 24 yrs i was around 98 lbs and i gained 22 lbs in 8 months with maintaining my body fat percent below 7% - 6.5% - to be exact.


here's my pics :


this was after around 1 month of lifting :


Attached File  20141011_122941.jpg   189.89KB   119 downloads


and these are the current pictures :


Attached File  ra21.jpg   35.62KB   116 downloads


Attached File  ra2.jpg   195.33KB   108 downloads


Attached File  ABS2.jpg   181.66KB   85 downloads




that's matt's picture (posted with his permission) :


Attached File  matt.jpg   104.63KB   122 downloads


no idea why he is only showing his armies, he saying that arms = best indication of muscle mass.



so we are waiting for latof to add his pictures as well (if he likes) so i can add him to the poll.


comments / voting are welcome :)