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Ping problem at Yuri`s revenge

07 August 2006 - 09:47 AM

hi guys
im having some weard problem

im entring to servers that at lobby i see that i have 120-100 ping, and thats fine
when i enter the server i suddnly see that my ping is yellow and got 300-400 ms

thats does not make any sence, i never lag when i play, but i get kicked a lot becuse host think i gonna lag.

so do you have any solutions?
i'm closing evreything at my computer and playing but i dont help, i dont think i have any virus and i scanned the computer at Ad-Aware , and again, if he dont kick me and game starts i never lag!! that means that i dont know why i have yellow ping :(

sry for bad english



12 December 2005 - 03:53 PM

after me and my friend installed the patch for red alert 1 "aftermath" we tryed to play again
i open room, after he join i cant click at start game

but when other people entring i can click.

why i cant???

please help me


10 December 2005 - 08:06 PM

hi evreyone ! :p

i have just installed Red Alert 1 , and Red alert 1 : AfterMath

the point is that im trying to play with my friend at the internet

we both have Westwood Chat, and i saw link to this site from the WestwoodChat

the problem is that after im Creating a room , and my friend gets in, i cant click at Start game .

does anyone know why? we dont understand nothing so if you can explain evreything you say so it will be welcomed.

i want to say that we dont have any installed patch
so if there is any patch that we need please give a link too

or any guide to play RA1 at internet
we realy wanna play !!!