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In Topic: ss for ImFkuUp

10 March 2006 - 10:43 PM

He posted a SS, if you think he reshroudes it shows how much of a crier you are. He posted it for you so you can see he doesnt cheat, lay off.


TY!!!!!!!!!!! matyy.. No more SS's for u and ur clan STUPID adam. Waste of time

In Topic: ss for ImFkuUp

10 March 2006 - 10:23 PM

OK, let me get this straight. You called him a "faggit", and in the next sentence you said he should grow up? You just revealed your immaturity; you just shot yourself in the foot. :laugh:


how about u STFU!! nerd. :rolleyes:

In Topic: here weird lib

10 March 2006 - 10:07 PM

1 more thing Libbey dose reshroud KkKK few of his m8s told me.

In Topic: ss for ImFkuUp

10 March 2006 - 07:53 PM

adam stFu man.. i should of never posted SS. stupied ppl like u mess this game up. FaGGit. Like tomi said Grow up

In Topic: ss for ImFkuUp

08 March 2006 - 06:05 PM

lmfaooooooooooooooooo ur blind when my dog raped urs thats when i scouted and then u killed my dog with sentry