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Posted 05 November 2005 - 04:33 PM

Dear All
We endeavour to have all reports actioned within 24 hours of posting (provided all the required info has been supplied)
[reports involving points returns will be action much faster (0-12 hours)]
Please be aware that this is a self-imposed deadline based on what we think we can reasonably achieve.
We are under no obligation to complete reports this fast, and indeed there will be occasions when it may be longer.
Please do not pester members of staff to do reports faster, no reports get missed and all are done as fast as possible.

Please ensure that all reports include the full ladder stats
  • Reports cannot/will not be actioned without them.

  • Whilst we are aware that you are used to posting MPstats at previous cheaterZones. Please be aware that this is not required here.
    In fact we discourage the posting of players IPs on the public forum as we may be found in breach of privacy agreements.

  • Admins have access to all the IP data so you do not need to post it for us.

  • What we do need is the ladder game stats to verify which game your report is about and that the game was played on the the XWIS server and ladder.
  • Stats can be found here Xwis ladder (note a more userfriendly URL will soon be added)

    Whilst we do our best to offer the best possible turn around please remember that the work done here is mainly voluntary and we may not always be able to do things as fast as you wish.

    Abusive Topics
    Some people seem to think that they can come here, start abusing people, and then expect those people to jump to their aid.
    Well it is not going to happen.
    If people can't manage a little human decency and write a proper post then you will not be assisted.
    You topic will be closed, and you will be warned or banned.

    Points Return
    You can request points to be returned if you LOSE POINTS TO A CHEATER

    Please note the following
  • We have the ability to return points ONLY IF YOU LOSE points to a cheater.
    This does not include points you "would have got" for a wash game, or points lost for any other circumstance whatsoever other than being cheated. Since the process involves reversing the points lost to a blacklisted cheater we do not have the facility to return points lost due to any other mishaps. So do not ask - the answer will be no.

  • If you wish to claim points back you must not play another game on that nickname until your points have been returned. If you play another game you forfeit your right to have points back.

  • Cheat reports involving points to be returned are give priority over all other reports in order that points can be returned quickly so you can go and play again.
  • If you are requesting points to be returned please write this clearly in your topic title so the analysers can see this is a priorit report

    Abbreviations and suspensions/bans.
    Below is a key to some of the abbreviations you may see used on Game reports:
  • [PAGE sent] = an admin message has been sent to that player. They will recieve the message the next time they log in to the server.
  • [BT# - Date] BT = Banned Temporarily. The number after is the number of days the bann will last and the date is the expiry date for the bann.
  • Therefore [BT32 - 10-11-2003] = banned temporarily for 32 days ending on the 10th of November
  • [UNPROVEN] = A topic where it is impossible to prove one has cheated.
  • [PROVEN] = A player(s) have been sucessfully been proven of cheating.
  • [TBI] = we will investigate that player(s), but cannot take action on your report alone.
This is a cheat report section only. If you have other queries reguarding anything C&C, Strike-Team or XWIS related then please post them in the relevant forum area's such as The Fair Play Forum or The XCL Discussion Forum

Thank u for understanding, Strike Team.

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