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Tiberian Sun Ladder Rules

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Posted 18 October 2005 - 10:47 PM

Please note ALL reports must now include the DPL system data, this will be required from all reports as from March. Any reports found not to contain this imformation will be disregarded and underlined as insufficient proof provided.

Tiberian Sun Ladder Rules.
  • These are largely based on the original Westwood rules, however please note the important amendments to allow for the current state of the tournament, for Xwis to be kept cheat-free, and to improve the tournament.

  • Clan mates may not play each other in ladder games.
  • You may not play against any other clan that you are a member of.
  • If you move to a new clan you cannot play against your old clan during the current tournament month.
  • If you move to a new clan in the middle of the month the points from any games you have played between your new and old clans will be deducted from the clans at the end of the month.

    Shared nicknames, serials, and IP addresses.
  • You may not play against anyone in your household or IP address in a tournament game.
  • You may not play against someone that you have shared a serial or nickname with during the current month in a tournament or clan game.

    Any other tournament practise
  • The contest coordination staff deems unfair will be cause for disqualification. Gameslists may also be scrutinized and decisions made if their is clear evidence of cheating from a player's record.

  • The penalties for cheating on XWIS are designed to be strong enough to deter most players from cheating and protect fair players. But at the same time they allow for second chance to players that give up cheating, which also guards against not permanently excluding large numbers of potential fair/reformed players from the servers.
  • All penalties include both resetting of the players score and a Ban from the server. (minor rule infringements where there is no proven intent to cheat will be dealt with by deducting points).

  • 1st Offence=Reset and 16 day server Ban.
  • 2nd Offence=Reset and 32 Day server Ban.
  • 3rd Offence=Permanent Ban.

    Shared Nicks
  • It is not recommended that you share your nicknames or serial numbers with any other player.
  • If you do then you share liability for all activity on that nickname.
  • If you share a nickname or serial number with someone that is caught cheating you may also find yourself reset and banned from the server even if it was not you in the game.
  • This is because the system resets all nicknames and serial numbers linked to that nick.
  • This cannot be reversed so if you chose to share a nick you do so at your own risk.

  • It is recommended that you report ALL of your wash games.
  • If you were washed by a cheater then reporting this cheater will result in him being blacklisted and therefore benefit all Xwis players.
  • If you were losing a game that results in a wash for whatever reason you must make a post in the fair Cheater zone forum explaining (with full proof) exactly what happened. You must also offer a win to the winning player. Failure to do so may result in u being investigated and possibly reset on the Xwis ladder.
  • Please ensure you provide as much proof as possible when making a game report. If you do not provide full proof you make more work for ST, delay or prevent action being taken against the cheater, and delay or prevent your lost points being returned.

    Points reimbursement.
  • Points will be reimbursed if you provide full proof that u lost to a cheater in that particular game.
  • You must not play any more games until your points have been returned.
  • If you play a single game between the game against the cheater and your points being given back you forfeit the right to have your points back. This is the only way we can ensure that the you receive the correct points for subsequent games.
  • Strike Team process all game reports where points are to be returned as a priority therefore you will not have to wait long.

    Anti-Bailing measures.
  • This measure is in place to stop players bailing for unfair reasons.
  • However the measure is implemented in such a way that it allows someone to bail if the game is extremely laggy.
  • If the game is running at above 45 FPS (frames per second) there is 0 bail time. That means that if you leave the game it will count as a loss against you. An equation has however been factored into the server to give you time to leave in a laggy game.
  • The laggier the game the slightly longer time you have to quit.
  • But beware that if you bail in a non-laggy game it will count against you - and there will be not retrieval of points in this situation from ST.

  • Strike Team Reserve the right to withold the shipping of prizes to any player that abuses the site.
  • Players banned from Strike Team site are exempt from winning prizes.
  • Players repeatedly banned from XWIS for cheating will also be exempt from winning prizes

    Game Modes and settings
  • Only Tournament and Battleclan Tournament games count towards the ladder.

  • We do not support Crates in tournament games due to the number of anomalies that can occur when crates are on. If you chose to play with crates on you do so at your own risk.

    Sabotaging Internet connection
  • Commonly known as washing by disconnection. If you accidentally disconnect in a game and it ends in a wash you must give your opponent a free win. Failue to do so in a game that you were losing is regarded as cheating.

    Arranged losses or wins
  • Commonly known as pushing. Player records will are constantly scrutinised for any signs of pushing.
  • The exception to this rule is when a genuine server error, game bug, or some other accidental reason causes the game to be washed. If one player was clearly winning when the error occurred the players may agree to sort this out fairly by the the losing player giving a free win to the winning player.
  • However to avoid creating suspicion it is recommended you make a post in the Fair Play section giving full details with proof. Failure to post this in the fair play section may result in both players being investigated
  • If a player is proven of deliberately cheating then offering a free win to avoid reset will not be accepted. The free win policy is not set up to give cheaters the opportunity to try and get away with cheating and only offer a free win if they get caught. If you are proven to have cheated deliberately you will therefore be reset regardless of whether or not you offer a free win.

    Absolutely no use of cheats, hacks, editors, trainers, mods,
  • Please note there is absolutely no exception to this rule. Remember that on Xwis if you lose points to a cheater you will have them reimbursed providing you give full proof. Therefore there is no excuse for washing even cheaters.
  • Players games will be regularly scrutinised for any games that ended in reconnection errors whilst losing. Any player found to have reconnection errors whilst losing may be investigated.

    Wins per day limit
    The limit is 3 wins/day for players and 5 wins/day for clans.

    Exploitation of bugs.
  • Bug exploitation is considered cheating in Xwis. For more imfo on bugs/glitches.
  • Note if u r losing a game and an error occurs that causes the game to be washed or a loss to the other player. You will be expected to give a win to the other player. Failure to so may result in you being investigated and reset.
  • Any other tournament practise the contest coordination staff deems unfair will be cause for disqualification.
  • This allows for the admin to take action against any other form of cheating not covered in the above topics at their discretion.
  • We reserve the right to investigate any player for unfair play at any time.
  • Xwis Admins reserve the right to amend these rules at any time. If any rules amendments are made they will be publicised in the Tiberian Sun Cheater Zone section.

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Posted 04 January 2006 - 04:45 PM

This is to announce the suspension/bans on cheating have been increased and is the latest release from Doncarlo.

All players should now have the message that cheating is not allowed on XWIS. To help stamp out cheating on the server bans have now been increased as follows :

1st time caught cheating  : warning and 16 Days server ban
If a player is caught again they will get a final warning and a 32 day ban from the server
If they are caught a 3rd time they will be permanently banned from XWIS.
No second chances will be given for players permanently banned so we recommend that anyone that has cheated in the past get rid of any trainers on their PC and play fair.

Fair play makes the server fun for everyone, so make sure you do your part and do not cheat.
Good luck and have fun everyone.

[This takes affect from the beginning of the January ladder. If someone has bans from previous months they will have a minimum ban of 32 days if they get caught again]





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Posted 08 February 2006 - 08:30 PM

Wins per day limit
The limit is 3 wins/day for players and 5 wins/day for clans.

Latest update from Xwis and will be added to post 1.

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