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Howto: Submit Cheat Reports.

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Posted 15 October 2005 - 05:45 PM

Please note ALL reports must be from ladder games and include the ladder stats and DPL system data, this will be required for all reports. Any reports found not to contain this imformation will be disregarded and underlined as not proven or TBI, for more info on the r/dpl system click the links below.

The below list is considered unfair play, at least on Standard Ww maps anyway, certain mod maps might have some modfications, such as fiends/mutants included.
  • Free/fake wins or a fake report
  • Map reveal.
  • Mini mapping.
  • Tech cheating.
  • Cash cheats.
  • Speed cheats.
  • Emp glitch,
  • Plane glitching to avoid Mk/diz landing.
  • Infinite firestorm glitch.
  • Alt scouting from war factory or air pad.
  • Non standard units, eg. fiends, etc .
  • Glitch a building to a maximum of 2 spaces is accepted .
  • Forcing disconnection, internal or reconnection error.
  • Changing game speed or connection to cause packet.
Points to Note:

1/ Plz make a topic and submit all relevant proof/complaint as soon as GAME IS OVER.

2/ Please post SS'S, submit ss's with shroud, names, text and tech options, this will prove yourself of fair play, without ss's its almost impossible for us to do anything.

3/ Ss's must be of ingame, ss's without names or the DPL data or ss's of the actual end results being used as proof of names will be disregarded.

4/ Taking an advanced ss's with names and using THE DPL SYSTEM DATA will help in all cases, especially if a recon appears as then u will have no option to alt tab for names.

5/ Please post sync files along with a ss of the recon with your report if they are related to reconnection error's, a sync files such as "SYNC1" "SYNC2" etc will be found in the "c:\westwood\SUN" folder where mpstats and maps are found.

6/ Post names with reports, topics will be dealt more easily/speedily/efficently when we know
who we are dealing with. (proof of names can also be shown from your minimap).

7/ Please ensure that all reports include the full stats, stats can be found here = Xwis Ladder

8/ Note if the other person disconnects, plz TIME OUT the disconnection timer, this will reward u of the points if they disconnect, also take ss's of the final outcome with their names when the computer surrenders and if for any reason/dispute or points handed to the wrong person u will have ss proof.

Please Note: XWIS Admin will not force players to provide screenshots requested by other players or punish those for not providing. However. SCREENSHOTS REQUESTED BY TRNYADMIN are official screenshot requests and must be posted in the Fair Play Admin SS Requests Forum.

Xwis is a fair play supporter amd we encourage good sportsmanship. If asked by another player for a screenshot, it is common courtesy to do a "screenshot swap" via the fairplay forum. If asking for a screenshot, remember to take one yourself.

If complaints are made questioning the fair play of a player(s), there could be an investigation and if proven they will removed from the ladder and banned with their points reset.

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