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Howto: Screenshots and /R/DPL

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Posted 15 October 2005 - 05:03 PM

A few simple guide lines to ensure u provide the proper ss's requested from yourself and others.
Always take 2 ss's if possible, 1 of your own base and another of your enemy's base, preferbly with minimap on and off with shroud and text.

1/ Press "Print screen" on your keyboard to take ss , then go in to Paint and press "Control V" will paste your image ,
and then saving it on jpeg (most common format).

2/ Press "Control C" on your keyboard will automatically save your ss to "Westwood / Sun files"
in ther u will find them under "Scrn0000.pcx "etc .

3/ Finally the best solution is actually using a separate program such as "Irfanview" , or "Screengrab".
These programs can almost take infinite ss's , can save automatically on "jpeg format", and to a destined folder. (Link below)


Below is the procedure to setup Irfanview, ready to take ss's to jpeg format, to a destined folder,
when done once u will only need to select start for everytime u use it.

Go to options then capture/screenshot
  • select whole screen
  • tick include mouse cursor
  • select hotkey and set to your desired key(s) (such as ctrl+s)
  • select capture image as file and choose destined folder (such as desktop)
  • select jpeg/jpeg format
  • then select start
The R/DPL System.

When ingame select page as paging someone outside the game, not the f1 to f8 options,

In theperson to find or page", put the text Xwis

And where it says text to send "put in /dpl

This currently will send u the data as shown in the below ss's, THIS data shown will prove wot time and date the game took place on Xwis, This is required in all cheat reports if you didnt get the DPL then at least get the accused players text in one of your screenshots otherwise we cannot accept the screenshots as being from the same game.

The DPL sent will be different everytime, date/time and data will have to match exactly as in our Ts DPL data system.

Ss's with DPL data must be shown on cheat reports( players chat can be accepted but DPL is prefered). Othewise there would be no other concrete proof the game existed and Strike Team do not not cover ffg's .

For those who dont understand the outside paging system, the below is needed before u can use the dpl system.
To set the hotkey to page others anywhere on Xwis is go to =
  • Options
  • select "Keyboard"
  • select "Interface"
  • select "Page user" in commands and set your desired Hotkey.
  • then select "assign" and "ok".
Please note ALL reports must now include the DPL system data, this will be required from all reports as from NOW on. Any reports found not to contain this information must at least have the players in game chat showing or else it will have to be disregarded, for more info on the r/dpl system click the links below.

In the event of multiple ss's, at least one ss is required to have the DPL data.

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