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EffEl recon error while losing

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 05:48 PM

GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T 10238 arbi.png chief W   djbi.png effel W   02:56 Bonanza 11:44 15-01-2016 47   S P   chief killed bought left captured   units 2 8 5   buildings 0 9 9 1   infantry 7 5 1   planes 0 0 0   effel killed bought left captured   units 2 6 3   buildings 0 11 13 3   infantry 3 11 1   planes 0 0 0


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Posted 17 January 2016 - 02:03 PM

Unfortunately you do not have the correct or enough information needed to report a cheater. Please read the instructions below on how to make a new report. If you do not have the required information then prepare yourself now for future reports.

When reporting a cheater we need specific information to process the report.

  • Good Topic title
    Cheaters Nickname - Type of cheat. (if you require a points return add this into title)
  • Your Nickname
    The nickname you played the game as.
  • Opponents Nickname
    This can be substituted for a screenshot containing the /r/dpl output, when in game just press enter then type /r/dpl then press enter. Once XWIS pages you the information press ctrl+c(ra2) or shift+s(yr) to take the screenshot.
  • Clan Names
    Where applicable
  • XWIS Game Stats
    Reports must always include game stats since we only ban for cheating in laddered games. Collect the game stats by visiting http://xwis.net and clicking the game you played. Enter your nickname in the search box, once you find your record, click on the game number of the game you wish to report. Use your mouse to highlight all the text from the game stats then rightclick and copy it. This should be pasted into your new report so we know exactly what game you are reporting. Game stats should be posted without any formatting. We recommend copy and pasting game stats into Notepad or something similiar first, and copying them out of Notepad into your report.

    GID Player A Player B Duration Scenario Date FPS C S T
    29301 chrlsev W +26 greenish L -26 07:12 Heck Freezes Over B v B 17:08 19-05-2012 51 P
    chrlsev killed bought left captured
    units 23 45 25
    buildings 6 20 12 0
    infantry 35 30 12
    planes 2 0 0
    greenish killed bought left captured
    units 17 30 0
    buildings 0 17 0 0
    infantry 19 61 0
    planes 0 7 0
  • Screenshots with /r/dpl or names & Auto SS Uploader
    Screenshots taken with ctrl+c(RA2) or shift+s(YR) can be found as *.pcx files in your RA2/YR folder. (see notes) Open with MS Paint (or almost any other image editor) then "Save As" a JPEG. If you have the choice, please save SS at 100% quality. Alternatively read more about the Auto SS Uploader (Currently applies to RA2 Only)
  • XGS Recording
    An XGS replay is needed to prove maphacks in red alert 2. If you are reporting a maphack then please make sure you attach the replay when reporting. For more info on XGS click here.
  • Sync FIle.
    The Sync file can be found in your RA2/YR Folder named sync*.txt where * is a number. eg: Sync1.txt. (see notes) Open each in notepad until you find the correct one.

    Give a brief description of the cheat. Do not write an a4 essay, just enough to give us an idea of what cheat was used and when.

    After making a report please do not "bump" the topic to keep it at the top of the list. Most analysers work the list starting from the bottom so bumping topics generally makes up miss your report.

    When uploading an XGS replay please say the frame number you suspect the maphack/offense to be at.

    The RA2/YR folder can be found by right clicking your RA2/YR shortcut icon and selecting properties, then click the "Find Target" button.

    Use the "Add Attachment" button when replying to upload the screenshot,XGS Replay or sync file. Multiple files can be attached to each post.

    More info can be found on reporting cheaters in full here.

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