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Seke's Guide To: Everything (RA2)

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Posted 27 August 2014 - 09:17 PM




PRELUDE: I've wanted to make a more thorough guide for a relatively long time, since creating my first guide, "Seke's guide to miner control and refinery placement" (found pinned at the top of this forum). The reason behind this want is because I frequently find myself asked the same questions. So, as a result I wanted to create a guide because guides are written in order to reduce redundancy in explanation as well as to provide a means for someone to self-learn. Also, this guide is NOT meant to be read from beginning to end, rather, the hope is that one will be able to navigate to the question or problem they wish to address via a simple click in the "Table of Contents" section. Also, I believe such a guide is necessary because although the Strategy & Tactics forum contains a plethora of information, much of it is simply wrong, poorly written, or strewn about dozens of posts. As a result, the goal of this guide is to take all of that information and store it in one place that is easily accessible, readable, and usable, and to also add information.



1.     Create a well-written guide that can be a one-stop-shop for players having issues or questions

2.     Have the guide be easily navigable and easily understood

3.     Provide as much detail as possible while remaining succinct

4.     Be proactive in adding to and improving this guide

5.     Use as many sources as possible, such as different people's opinions/ideas as well as videos/pictures/captions

6.     Consistent in design

7.     Listen to criticism


MESSAGE TO THE READER: I request that anyone that reads this help me improve this guide. This can be done in a number of ways that include the following:

1.     Asking questions - This allows me to add more information

2.     Giving compliments - This allows me to understand what things went well and I can incorporate these ideas in the future

3.     Pointing out technical flaws - This promotes technical accuracy

4.     Pointing out grammatical errors - This  promotes readability

5.     Pointing out superfluous words – This helps limit the document’s length

6.     Suggestions - This is rather all encompassing and can include simply suggesting a different font or color to improve the technical communication of this     document. It can also include other ways to explain things or additional information and perhaps chronology


PLAN: I plan on reserving the next several posts in order to be able to reference specific post #'s in this topic in order to promote navigability, readability, and of course, usability. For each post I will have a general topic. For example, "Seke's Guide To: Hot Keys" or "Seke's Guide To: Tank control." I also hope to include videos and commentary.


TABLE OF CONTENTS: (You can also use the ctrl+f function to search for a specific word on this page)

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