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ilvl2g00d causing errors[BT32]

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#1 korz



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Posted 14 September 2013 - 02:02 PM

So, its ok to cause errors now in tournament games?
This player ilvl2good is a joke, i find it disheartening that this kind of behavior is allowed these days...
People wonder why so many players quit TS? Imagine what standard this sets for new players who arrive on the scene, if when eventually they get good enough to beat someone like this they get cheated out of their win!

I am reposting this here in cheat reports, when John posted in fairplay it wasn't presented in the best fashion but Johns reports nearly always have something behind them so i looked into it (not my job but) since xwis admin's overlook this kind of thing i think it deserved my attention and a justified response.

ilvl2good player stats so far this month http://xwis.net/ts/pl/ilvl2g00d/

#33 10 / 9 145p
11 reconnection errors
37 FPS
13.0 hours


Lets break that down quickly.. 
He has played 30 games, if we discount the games he has won he has played 20 games, out of those more than half (11) have ended in errors...
Thankfully these days there are still honest players like John who run auto ss (despite its problems and lack of support) in this case auto ss actually provides some hard evidence to support these accusations and prove them to be factual.

First errored game i looked at vs crushndie


First ss ilvl2good starting to get mad


Second ss more of the same
Conclusion, he got outplayed, got mad accused his legit opponent of cheating and caused the error.


Second example vs Wilkane
First ss showing ilvl2good's base near the start of the game

Some ss showing his base later in the game

Conclusion, this was a pretty even game from players of a similar skill set, however stats show Wilkane had a slight advantage and ilvl2good again got mad and caused an error. 

Third example vs Nacho



units 10 20 10

buildings 0 50 14 

infantry 57 85 57

planes 1 12 1


units 0 41 26

buildings 45 48 45 

infantry 13 22 13

planes 15 23 15

Stats clearly show ilvl2good got his ass handed to him, and fortunately Nacho is running auto ss (thanks to John/GetGood helping him with installation) which provides us with the first hard evidence of this cheat.

You can clearly see ilvl2good changing speeds before the game ends.
Conclusion... lol

Fourth example vs Apro (John/GetGood running auto ss)

Stats/ss again show he got owned, but caused error too fast to record this on auto ss. 

Fifth example vs candyrush a player running auto ss who's style looks familiar 
ilvl2good agree's http://xwis.net/ra2/screenshots/3185426/
Stats again clearly show he lost badly however auto ss fails to capture him disrupting speeds

The next two error games after this are vs envylife who is not running auto ss, however stats once again show ilvl2good lost badly before causing an error to end the games.


The next reconnection errored game vs Yaowee not running auto ss
Stats again show the same story.

The next example vs lunchbox 

Stats once again show him getting a beating, this time thankfully another player running auto ss provides us with another damning screenshot...

Last example vs same player


Stats once again (yawn) point to the same inevitable outcome
And also an ss showing his frustration, however he died and caused error too soon for auto ss to record.


So yeah, there it is a full report and all the evidence you need to convict and ban this dishonest, disrespectful player..
Someone who i have previously and recently reported for Reconnection Errors... My reports where ignored because he had some losses on his record, however it is laughable if this behavior is ignored and allowed to continue.



Edited by korz, 14 September 2013 - 02:04 PM.

#2 Mole40k



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Posted 14 September 2013 - 03:38 PM

Thank you for your excellent cheat reporting Korz. 

%proven% deliberately causing recon errors.

Game vs lunchbox
ilvl2good vs lunchbox stats.jpg ilvl2good constantly changing game speed vs lunchbox.jpg ilvl2good frustration vs lunchbox just before error.jpg

Game vs nacho
ilvl2good vs nacho stats.jpg ilvl2good constantly changing game speed vs nacho.jpg ilvl2good vs nacho, is clearly behind.jpg

Game vs apro
ilvl2good vs apro stats.jpg

Game vs wilkane
ilvl2good vs wilkane stats.jpg ilvl2good vs wilkane 55 min game, wilkane clearly edged ahead.jpg ilvl2good vs wilkane 55 min game, wilkane clearly edged ahead 2.jpg

Game vs crushndie
ilvl2good vs crushndie stats.jpg ilvl2good vs crushndie before game recon (crushndie autoss perspective).jpg

#3 Tahj



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Posted 14 September 2013 - 08:11 PM

Rank reset and banned from XWIS for 32 days

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