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QM Map Previews - Standard Westwood Maps

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 06:59 AM

- 25 original Westwood Maps (image archive) (map basics)
- 20 "New Maps" (image archive)

Here is the collection of standard Westwood QM Maps. There are 26 maps in total, each with a brief description and full map preview image- click the thumbnail for a larger image.

This topic will be undergoing revisions over the next few weeks as links to strategy and individual map discussion are added.

Alaskin Oil Spill: 2 players (mirror matches only - AvA or SvS)

- a medium-large sized island map with a small amount of starting gems

- 8 oil derricks

- a 3rd, neutral island (critical in the late-game)

Alaskin Oil Spill.jpg

City Under Seige: 2-4 players


- a medium sized urban map with a heavily fortified central wall

- 3 oil derricks per side

- early race to capture protective bunkers

City Under Siege.jpg

Cold War: 2-3 players


- A large sized, asymetrical map with 4 bridged islands (repairable)

- 7 oils total, often divided 3 to the left side, 4 to the right

- 1 tech airport, usually taken by the left side

Cold War.jpg

Country Swing: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land map with 3 central choke points

- 2 very large ore patches per side, bottom is aproximately 3000credits richer --> "Country Swing Fixed" has balanced ore available, for custom matches

- several garrisons of varying strength, strategic importance

Country Swing.jpg

DC Uprising: 2-4 players


- large sized urban map with rich center terrace

- 1 tech airport (battle for capture)

- 1 tech depot (battle for capture)

- 0 ore regenerators (sprial thingys at ore patches), map can be reduced to 0 money.

DC Uprising.jpg

DEFCON 6: 2-6 players


- very large land map with sparse outer resouces, very rich center

- spawns at protective, elevated platforms; poor nearby resources

- rich central resources along gradual sinkhole (can often determine the outcome).

DEFCON 6.jpg

Depth Charge: 2-4 players


- naval map with 4 individual island spawns

- center island with 6 oil derricks (can be shared, top=3 - bottom=3)

- small outer islands, each with 1 oil derrick

Depth Charge.jpg

Golden State FWY: 2-4 players


- very large, flat land map with expansive perimeter

- 4 oil derricks in cardinal point formation (North, E, S, W)

- highly active central region, often can leave perimeter vulnerable

Golden State FWY.jpg

Hammer and Sickle: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land-naval map with bridges dividing the left and right sides (repairable)

- wooden bridge at bottom repairable by right side only

Hammer and Sickle.jpg

Heartland: 2-4 players


- medium sized land map with central river dividing the top-right, bottom-left diagonal

- 2 total oil derricks: 1 at top-left, 1 at bottom-right

- 2 tech depots

- various garrisons including 3 central cottages of moderate influence


Isle of War: 2 players


- small sized island map with narrow corridor connecting left-right spawns

- small amount of starting gems, 3 sparse ore patches each

- broken paved bridge dividing elevated platforms (repairable)

- various garrisons and badly damaged buildings, 2 key towers overlook entrances to paved bridge

Isle of War.jpg

Lake Blitzen: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land-naval map with 3 tech islands

- large lake body, narrow outer shorline

- 3 tech islands: top = 2 oil derricks, left-side bottom = 2 oil derricks, right-side bottom = 1 tech airport

- 2 oil derricks on outer shoreline, left-right sides

- wooden bridge dividing lake (repairable)

Lake Blitzen.jpg

Malibu Cliffs: 2-8 players


- very large sized land map with 3 bridge choke points (repairable), 1 narrow corridor

- moderate amount of starting gems, medium-large amount of starting ore

- various garrisons of relatively low importance; will antiscout unchecked lines

- sheltered top-left escarpment, rich bottom-right mainland

Malibu Cliffs.jpg

May Day: 2 players


- medium sized land-naval map with narrow corridor far-left

- left side broken wood bridge dividing top-bottom halves (repairable)

- 16 total oil derricks, often captured 8 to bottom, 8 to top

- 2 tech airports, 1 at top, 1 at bottom

- 1 hospital at top

- destruction of 1 top-left oil destroys entire row (4)

May Day.jpg

Montana DMZ: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land map with 3 paved bridge choke points (repairable)

- 3 gems patchs per side, quick expansion

- 1 tech airport, right side

- small town of garrisons left side

- various other garrisons (left, right sides)

Montana DMZ.jpg

Official Tournament Map A: 2 players


- small sized island map with elevated center pyramid

- 2 oil derricks; top-bottom (can be shared: left side = bottom)

- 4 clusters of 3 hut garrisons along mid shorline

- small amount of starting gems

Official Tournament Map A.jpg

Official Tournament Map B: 2 players


- small sized island map with 4 choke points

- 4 total oil derricks, 2 on mainland, 1 each per tech island (often shared: bottom oils = right side)

- medium amount of starting gems

- 2 small remote islands with small amount of gems, top-right and bottom-left

Official Tournament Map B.jpg

Paris Revisited: 2-4 players


- medium sized urban-land map with 4 total oil derricks

- many garrisons, many damaged buildings

- specific build orders allow various inobvious streches to gems- see link for discussion

Paris Revisited.jpg

Pinch Point: 2 players


- small sized land map, with a narrow valley running along its width

- imbalanced starting resources: left-side has one large ore patch, right side has 2 medium-large ore patches

- various garisons including a nearby house at each spawn, useful for anti-scouting

- asymetical, counterpart plateaus at mid, moderate gems

Pinch Point.jpg

Snow Valley: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land map with 4 elevated plateau spawns

- moderate amount of starting gems and ore

- multiple laneways for tank splits, (monitor map closely)

- rich central valley, limited buildable terrain

- unpatched version includes critical movement glitch (units will stop): this affects units moving through or across the bottom-right valley entrance, beware!

Snow Valley.jpg

South Pacific: 2-4 players


- medium sized island map with a narrow 4-way crossing at middle

- 4 total oil derricks, 1 at each corner (can be shared: divided left-right sides)

- 2 tech airports, left-right sides

- large amount of starting gems, renewable ore at tech airports

South Pacific.jpg

Sovereign Land: 2-4 players


- medium-large sized land map with two 2-oil derrick counterpart plateaus

- land is divided into 3 large islands (repairable wood bridges)

- large amount of gems at mid, can be reached from oil derricks

Sovereign Land.jpg

Stormy Weather: 2-4 players


- small-medium sized land map with bridged central island (repairable)

- 4 total oil derricks, 2 on outer-shoreline, 2 on central island (can be shared: the closest 1 of each type to each player)

- central tech depot at middle (on the island)

- protective hut garrisons near to outer oil derricks

Stormy Weather.jpg

The Alamo: 2 players


- small sized urban map with central alamo garrison (large capacity, very well armoured)

- 3 extra rich oil derricks (2.5x income rate of normal oil derrick)

- 1 oil derrick at each spawn, 1 at bottom-right corner (battle for capture) (rarely shared: top = bottom oil)

- 1 tech airport at top right corner (battle for capture; if shared, bottom = tech airport)

- many garrisons of varying importance

- gems around center alamo, often taken by bottom

The Alamo.jpg

Urban Rush: 2 players


- very small sized land map with small central city (important garrisons)

- 1 center tech airport, (battle for capture)

- imbalanced starting resources, right side is aproximately 3000credits richer

- very sparse resources, usually players will sell their mcv for extra cash

Urban Rush.jpg

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#2 Seke


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Posted 10 December 2011 - 05:58 PM

is bottom on cs really ONLY 7000 richer? i always assumed 12-15k

#3 dsector



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Posted 10 December 2011 - 06:09 PM

I'd love to see DC Uprising, Isle of War, Defcon 6 and Pinch Point out of that list :)

P.S. - great work on this josh!

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 06:09 PM

1 hospital at top

There's a hospital at buttom too on Mayday :)

Edited by Faze, 10 December 2011 - 06:11 PM.

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 06:19 PM

There's a hospital at buttom too on Mayday :)

Ya. Be france top mayday. Send heli+engi to bottom's hospital, Build powerplant and cannon off hosiptal. Kill conyard in 2 hits. :rizla:

#6 A7Wins


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Posted 10 December 2011 - 07:30 PM

Ya. Be france top mayday. Send heli+engi to bottom's hospital, Build powerplant and cannon off hosiptal. Kill conyard in 2 hits. :rizla:

No way Cannon kills yard in two hits, thats monstrous. 3-4 minimum.

And this is absurd isnt it, this shows that so many maps are imbalanced i kinda figured as much lol, when i used to make maps, thats the one question i always had in mind, how do they make sure each ore patch contains the same amount of cash. Guess they dont.

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Posted 19 December 2011 - 08:01 AM

You count the amount of cells each ore patch covers and mirror the size on other patches. My outback map has equally sized ore patches of the same value mirrored through out the whole map.

I suggested that the first post would be moved or copied to the top tips section to replace the old QM maps topic.

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