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FORUM PURPOSE AND RULES Screenshot requests, Free wins, Disputes, Disconnects The purpose of this forum is to promote trust and fair play amongst XCL players, as well as to protect yourself from false accusations of unfair play. If someone requests a screenshot from you please post it here. If you accidently lose internet connection during a game that causes a wash game or causes your opponent to lose the game please post full details here, and where appropriate arrange to give the points to your opponent. Any other game dispute that is not cheat report with full proof may be posted here. If many people disconnect against you in qm you may also post your disconnects to explain why you have many disconnects on your record. If the disconnects end in a wash game you may post them in the games reports forum so long as you have sufficient screenshot evidence to prove that your opponent deliberately disconnected in order to wash the game.


CHEAT REPORTS SERVICE: How to report a cheater

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