Red Alert 2 - Frozen - Ladder - @bsy2@

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#2 9 / 3 263p
55 FPS
1.7 hours


3xJungle of Vietnam
2xCountry Swing Fixed
1xCold War T v T
1xDry Heat T v B
1xHeartland T v B
1xHeck Freezes Over R v R
1xThe Path More Traveled By
1xTour of Egypt

GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
7712Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+24Iraqshowtime-auf-L-1409:20The Path More Traveled By09:04 26-12-201655C
7709Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+27Iraqshowtime-auf-L-1609:00Tour of Egypt08:54 26-12-201657C
7707Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+32Iraqshowtime-auf-L-1808:02Poltergeist08:45 26-12-201657C
7706Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+37Iraqshowtime-auf-L-2004:54Jungle of Vietnam08:36 26-12-201657C
7705Iraqoprox@bsy2@L-15Iraqshowtime-auf-W+3110:36Cold War T v T08:28 26-12-201657C
7704Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+38Iraqshowtime-auf-L-1812:04Heck Freezes Over R v R08:17 26-12-201656C
7700Iraqoprox@bsy2@L-13Iraqshowtime-auf-W+3017:03Heartland T v B08:05 26-12-201655C
6602Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+27IraqcleantcoldnikL-403:52Country Swing Fixed06:39 23-12-201656C
6601Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+30IraqcleantcoldnikL-505:52Jungle of Vietnam06:35 23-12-201656C
6599Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+33IraqcleantcoldnikL-505:19Country Swing Fixed06:27 23-12-201656C
6330Iraqoprox@bsy2@L-4Iraqmaga2eazyW+2212:11Jungle of Vietnam08:40 22-12-201654C
6327Iraqoprox@bsy2@W+47Iraqmaga2eazyL-1705:27Dry Heat T v B08:27 22-12-201655C

Hint: Press N to select your MCV and D to deploy it.