Red Alert 2 - Ladder - zangief

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#74 6 / 1 254p
59 FPS
44.3 minutes


6xLittle Big Lake
1xMay Day
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
9795IraqzangiefW+21Iraqwili180L-1118:30May Day01:04 27-03-201757CP
9724IraqzangiefW+38IraqandreiioL-2601:33Little Big Lake22:55 26-03-201759CP
9723IraqzangiefW+44IraqandreiioL-2905:25Little Big Lake22:53 26-03-201759CP
9719IraqzangiefW+50IraqandreiioL-3201:30Little Big Lake22:48 26-03-201759CP
9717IraqzangiefL-11IraqandreiioW+1603:49Little Big Lake22:46 26-03-201759CP
9714IraqzangiefW+54IraqandreiioL-3405:58Little Big Lake22:41 26-03-201759CP
9709IraqzangiefW+58IraqandreiioL-3707:33Little Big Lake22:33 26-03-201759CP

Hint: Use dogs to scout the map. Knowledge is power!