Red Alert 2 - Ladder - win

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Tiberian Sun | Red Alert 2 | Yuri's Revenge | Renegade

#179 5 / 1 188p
57 FPS
37.2 minutes


2xMay Day
1xHammer and Sickle
1xLittle Big Lake
1xMount Olympus
1xSovereign Land
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
18772AmericawinL-20IraqpretenderW+3402:48Little Big Lake20:05 22-08-201459P
18005AmericawinW+24American0ob1z3dL-903:20Hammer and Sickle21:01 21-08-201458CP
16336AmericawinW+46FranceschalkeL-3011:20May Day18:40 19-08-201457CP
15805AmericawinW+41FrancesoldattL-2002:55Sovereign Land21:11 18-08-201459P
14222AmericawinW+51IraqlllL-2910:17May Day01:18 17-08-201457P
10709AmericawinW+46AmericaapplepieL-1606:35Mount Olympus00:28 13-08-201459CP

Hint: Always make sure you've got enough power plants. Production slows down a lot when you're low on power.