Red Alert 2 - Ladder - war

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#65 5 / 5 92p
58 FPS
1.1 hours


2xGolden State Valley
1xCaverns of Siberia
1xCountry Swing Fixed
1xDry Heat
1xHeck Freezes Over R v R
1xLake Blitzen
1xMay Day
1xSnow Valley
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
2516AmericawarL-10IraqmadsonW+2103:53Golden State Valley12:01 16-10-201858P
2515AmericawarL-11IraqmadsonW+2402:37Dry Heat11:57 16-10-201858P
2513AmericawarL-12IraqmadsonW+2704:58Caverns of Siberia11:54 16-10-201859P
2512AmericawarL-13IraqmadsonW+3104:19Golden State Valley11:48 16-10-201859P
2511AmericawarL-15AmericamadsonW+3606:51Reconcile11:44 16-10-201858P
2508AmericawarW+24AmericascoutL-411:11Country Swing Fixed10:26 16-10-201859P
2507AmericawarW+27AmericascoutL-414:28May Day10:15 16-10-201859P
2506AmericawarW+30AmericascoutL-505:30Heck Freezes Over R v R10:00 16-10-201859P
2505AmericawarW+34AmericascoutL-503:08Lake Blitzen09:53 16-10-201859P
2504AmericawarW+38AmericascoutL-611:36Snow Valley09:50 16-10-201859P

Hint: IFV and flak tracks are good anti air units.