Red Alert 2 - Ladder - tweety

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#53 5 / 1 158p
1 reconnection errors
58 FPS
2.3 hours


2xCountry Swing
1xCity Under Siege
1xDry Heat T v B
1xHammer and Sickle
1xHeck Freezes Over L v L
1xMay Day
1xPirate Bay
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
2933IraqtweetyWAmericaexclusiveL16:50Dry Heat T v B18:38 20-07-201956P
2929IraqtweetyWAmericaexclusiveL12:51Country Swing18:21 20-07-201958P
2926IraqtweetyWAmericaexclusiveL03:07May Day18:04 20-07-201958P
2924IraqtweetyW+40AmericaexclusiveL-2020:58Landmarks18:01 20-07-201959P
2918IraqtweetyREAmericaexclusiveRE16:23Heck Freezes Over L v L17:40 20-07-201951SP
2916IraqtweetyL-13AmericaexclusiveW+2812:28Country Swing17:24 20-07-201959P
2914IraqtweetyW+41AmericaexclusiveL-1909:33City Under Siege17:12 20-07-201958P
2902IraqtweetyW+27AmericaexclusiveL-112:03Poltergeist16:03 20-07-201958P
2901IraqtweetyW+30AmericaexclusiveL-112:11Hammer and Sickle15:51 20-07-201958P
2899IraqtweetyW+33AmericaexclusiveL-122:09Pirate Bay15:39 20-07-201958P

Hint: Use dogs to scout the map. Knowledge is power!