Red Alert 2 - Ladder - sven

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#156 5 / 5 138p
51 FPS
1.4 hours


1xColdest Peak
1xCountry Swing Fixed
1xDivide and Conquer
1xDry Heat T v B
1xGolden State Valley
1xOfficial Tournament Map B
1xStormy Weather
1xTour of Egypt
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
7741IraqsvenL-15AmericaempireW+2609:24Strobe21:03 21-03-201758P
7738IraqsvenL-17AmericaempireW+3006:26Coldest Peak20:52 21-03-201752P
7730IraqsvenW+40AmericaempireL-2110:46Country Swing Fixed20:38 21-03-201751P
7720IraqsvenW+45AmericaempireL-2305:10Divide and Conquer20:27 21-03-201754P
7717IraqsvenL-9AmericaempireW+2110:18Golden State Valley20:21 21-03-201750P
7710IraqsvenL-10AmericaempireW+2407:24Dry Heat T v B20:11 21-03-201753P
7705IraqsvenL-11KoreaempireW+2710:45Poltergeist20:03 21-03-201751P
7697IraqsvenW+42AmericaempireL-1806:41Official Tournament Map B19:52 21-03-201755P
7691IraqsvenW+32IraqsupermannL-410:40Tour of Egypt19:41 21-03-201758P
7682IraqsvenW+41AmericazenpaL-1004:51Stormy Weather19:25 21-03-201756P

Hint: Press N to select your MCV and D to deploy it.