Red Alert 2 - Ladder - supper7

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#11 8 / 1 219p
52 FPS
1.8 hours


2xCity Under Siege
2xMount Olympus
1xCold War T v T
1xCountry Swing
1xHeck Freezes Over
1xMay Day
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
1174Iraqsupper7W+15Great BritaingendrcL07:18City Under Siege16:51 09-04-202052P
702Iraqsupper7W+29Iraqra2masterL-1408:51Mount Olympus17:36 05-04-202053CP
679Americasupper7L-19Iraqra2masterW+4021:50City Under Siege15:56 05-04-202056CP
676Iraqsupper7W+27Iraqra2masterL-1108:18Heck Freezes Over15:34 05-04-202057CP
672Iraqsupper7W+31Francera2masterL-1214:10Sinkhole15:23 05-04-202057CP
671Iraqsupper7W+35Iraqra2masterL-1310:22Mount Olympus15:08 05-04-202056CP
667Iraqsupper7W+40Iraqra2masterL-1507:58Country Swing14:55 05-04-202058CP
495Koreasupper7W+29AmericatedfL20:53May Day16:05 04-04-202033P
36Iraqsupper7W+32AmericascoutL06:07Cold War T v T15:55 01-04-202058P

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