Red Alert 2 - Ladder - supper7

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Tiberian Sun | Red Alert 2 | Yuri's Revenge | Renegade

#29 8 / 7 228p
3 disconnects
1 reconnection errors
48 FPS
2.3 hours


2xThe Path More Traveled By
2xTour of Egypt
1xA Path Beyond II BL v TR
1xColdest Peak
1xDivide and Conquer
1xDry Heat T v B
1xDune Patrol Remake
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xLake Blitzen
1xSnow Valley TL v BR
1xSouth Pacific
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
2480Iraqsupper7W+42Americap3achyL-2912:01Yellowstone15:42 12-12-201757P
2477Iraqsupper7L-20Americap3achyW+2614:00Dune Patrol Remake15:30 12-12-201756P
2476Iraqsupper7DC+44Americap3achyDC-3004:27Coldest Peak15:15 12-12-201731P
2474Iraqsupper7L-17Americap3achyW+2304:35DEFCON 6 LvR15:10 12-12-201752P
2472Iraqsupper7L-19Americap3achyW+2709:38DEFCON 615:05 12-12-201752P
1617Iraqsupper7W+30AmericasuerteL-1412:01Jungle of Vietnam13:26 08-12-201757P
1616Iraqsupper7W+34AmericasuerteL-1506:11Dry Heat T v B13:11 08-12-201754P
1615Iraqsupper7L-14AmericasuerteW+3415:18Divide and Conquer13:05 08-12-201758P
1613Iraqsupper7W+34AmericasuerteL-1310:18Tour of Egypt12:49 08-12-201758P
1612Iraqsupper7W+39AmericasuerteL-1508:08Snow Valley TL v BR12:39 08-12-201753P
1610Iraqsupper7W+44AmericasuerteL-1605:16The Path More Traveled By12:29 08-12-201758P
1608Iraqsupper7REAmericasuerteRE06:33The Path More Traveled By12:20 08-12-201748SP
113Iraqsupper7DC-3IraqhaneenDC+3208:57Lake Blitzen17:18 01-12-201744P
94Iraqsupper7DC-3Americapowerful1DC+3109:58Tour of Egypt15:45 01-12-201746P
90Iraqsupper7W+37Americapowerful1L-507:50South Pacific15:34 01-12-201758P
82Iraqsupper7LAmericapowerful1W+2905:34A Path Beyond II BL v TR15:13 01-12-201757P

Hint: Build one or two miners from your war factory at the start of a game.