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#195 3 / 10 62p
52 FPS
2.1 hours


3xThe Path More Traveled By
2xOffense Defense (yuri original)
1xCity Under Siege
1xDivide and Conquer
1xDry Heat T v B
1xDune Patrol Remake
1xJungle of Vietnam
1xMay Day
1xTour of Egypt
1xUrban Rush
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
3285IraqsuperbockL-6IraqimaboxerW+1909:21Urban Rush14:44 09-01-201758P
3283IraqsuperbockL-7IraqimaboxerW+2108:37City Under Siege14:35 09-01-201758P
1293IraqsuperbockL-8IraqpalacioW+1405:23Divide and Conquer00:31 04-01-201758P
1288IraqsuperbockL-9IraqpalacioW+1506:30Dune Patrol Remake00:22 04-01-201759P
1285IraqsuperbockL-10IraqpalacioW+1708:14The Path More Traveled By00:09 04-01-201757P
1282IraqsuperbockL-11IraqpalacioW+1905:15Dry Heat T v B00:00 04-01-201759P
1280IraqsuperbockW+50IraqpalacioL-2828:04Offense Defense (yuri original)23:53 03-01-201759P
1272IraqsuperbockL-6IraqpalacioW+1510:19Offense Defense (yuri original)23:25 03-01-201758P
1163IraqsuperbockW+43IraqzzzzL-1504:45The Path More Traveled By20:46 03-01-201756P
1160IraqsuperbockL-2AmericamoonW+2614:04The Path More Traveled By20:41 03-01-201751P
1146IraqsuperbockL-3AmericamoonW+2915:28Tour of Egypt20:25 03-01-201747P
1129IraqsuperbockL-3AmericamoonW+3206:47Jungle of Vietnam20:09 03-01-201755P
852IraqsuperbockW+34AmericatedfL-204:22May Day04:28 03-01-201752P

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