Red Alert 2 - Ladder - sherdilpk

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#128 5 / 3 170p
1 reconnection errors
54 FPS
1.5 hours


2xLittle Big Lake
1xMay Day
1xPirate Bay
1xSnow Valley TL v BR
1xStormy Weather
1xThe Path More Traveled By
1xTour of Egypt
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
9052IraqsherdilpkW+37IraqthomasL-1912:51Heartland21:39 25-04-201754P
8805IraqsherdilpkL-14Iraqienjoyra2W+1414:24Pirate Bay04:00 25-04-201754P
8803FrancesherdilpkL-16AmericatedfW+3329:00May Day03:42 25-04-201755P
8794IraqsherdilpkW+25KoreaboasthighL-602:19Little Big Lake03:05 25-04-201754P
8793IraqsherdilpkW+28IraqboasthighL-604:08Little Big Lake03:02 25-04-201755P
8759AmericasherdilpkW+53IraqkingjL-3303:14Snow Valley TL v BR23:57 24-04-201755P
8756IraqsherdilpkREIraqkingjRE13:36The Path More Traveled By23:51 24-04-201744SP
8749IraqsherdilpkW+57IraqkingjL-3702:37Tour of Egypt23:37 24-04-201755P
1428IraqsherdilpkLIraqziggyW+3210:36Stormy Weather15:43 04-04-201754P

Hint: Place refineries as close to ore as possible.