Red Alert 2 - Ladder - sevenstar

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#63 7 / 3 210p
1 disconnects
1 reconnection errors
57 FPS
1.1 hours


2xMay Day
1xCountry Swing
1xHeck Freezes Over B v B
1xHeck Freezes Over Corners
1xHeck Freezes Over R v R
1xLake Blitzen TL v BR
1xMontana DMZ
1xOfficial Tournament Map A
1xThe Alamo
1xUrban Rush
GIDPlayer APlayer BDurationScenarioDateFPSCST
3482AmericasevenstarWIraqpiayhardW08:08May Day13:29 16-11-201757SP
2614AmericasevenstarW+31AmericasuerteL-1708:20Country Swing12:55 12-11-201758P
2612AmericasevenstarL-19AmericasuerteW+3808:42Heck Freezes Over B v B12:46 12-11-201758P
2610AmericasevenstarW+30AmericasuerteL-1406:55Official Tournament Map A12:37 12-11-201758P
2609AmericasevenstarW+35AmericasuerteL-1602:39Lake Blitzen TL v BR12:30 12-11-201758P
1034AmericasevenstarW+35IraqpinoysfL-1203:35The Alamo04:23 05-11-201757P
810AmericasevenstarW+40AmericasuerteL-1403:12Heck Freezes Over R v R16:11 04-11-201757P
795AmericasevenstarDC-6AmericatedfDC+1706:02May Day15:15 04-11-201736P
332AmericasevenstarW+32AmericaswergameL-303:29Urban Rush15:04 02-11-201757P
325AmericasevenstarW+32AmericaswergameL06:16Heck Freezes Over Corners14:34 02-11-201758P
154AmericasevenstarLIraqshowtimeW+2306:08Montana DMZ17:30 01-11-201755P

Hint: Use dogs to scout the map. Knowledge is power!